Thursday, 9 am MT, 11 am ET, 13 May 2021


NRAO Zoom 05



Attending: DanaBalser, MarkClaussen, ToneyMinter, EmmanuelMomjian, BarryClark, HeidiMedlin, TrishHenning, LorantSjouwerman, AmyMioduszewski, AnandCrossley, RickLively

  • 21B
    • TAC Reports. ToneyMinter and DanaBalser reported that the TAC report will be ready before we send the disposition letters for the GBO and NRAO, respectively.
    • Disposition Letters. ToneyMinter, AmyMioduszewski, and MarkClaussen reported that the disposition letters should be ready to go for the GBT, VLA, and VLBA, respectively. The Student Observer Support (SOS) info is in place. DanaBalser will update any TAC comments from the TAC chair.
    • Release PST->PBT Bug. RickLively will release this fix to production on Monday, 17 May 2021.
  • 22A
    • Timeline. We breifly discussed the timeline. The current proposal is to poll the TAC about possible TAC dates from 18-22 October 2021. Folks should review the timeline and provide any feedback by the next TTA meeting.
    • SRP/TAC Recruitment. TrishHenning reported that the TAC chair vacancy has been filled; two more open slots. No action yet on the SRP recruiment. DanaBalser will provide some candidates for ISM.
  • TTA Tools Status. DanaBalser summarized the status of the TTA Tools (TTAT). RickLively discussed how the software effort has been reorganized: two major projects right now with 1-2 people taking care of operations. AmyMioduszewski was concerned about a lack of TTA involvement at this stage. LorantSjouwerman noted that TTAT is more than just software; we need to provide docuemtation and educate our users. DanaBalser will bring up these concerns with the project manager. TrishHenning noted that this project is on the User's Committee radar. The plan is to have monthly TTAT status updates.
  • AOB
    • 22A CfP Items: RickLively reported that he is about 50% done with the 22A CfP items. He will have a test schedule ready by the next TTA meeting.

-- DanaBalser - 2021-05-06

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