Thursday, 9 am MT, 11 am ET, 13 June 2019


CV-245/SO-152/GB-137, 245 Hub Audio 434-817-6285


  • 20A
    • CfP (NRAO text finalized by COB 25 June)
      • Introduction (Dana, Lewis)
      • News & Opportunity (Dana, Lewis)
      • Extra-large Proposals (Lewis, Dana)
      • VLA (Bryan)
      • VLBA (Mark C.)
      • GBT (Toney)
    • PST CfP Requirements (Rick, Dana, Lorant, Mark C.)
    • SRP Recruitment (Mark C., Amy).
    • TAC Recruitment (Lewis)
  • AOB


Attending: DanaBalser, AnandCrossley, ToneyMinter, AmyMioduszewski, HeidiMedlin, MarkClaussen, RickLively, LorantSjouwerman, BarryClark, ClaireChandler

  • 20A
    • CfP
      • Introduction. We agreed that we should add Extra-large proposals and maybe highlight the extra help for some VLBA proposals (a new feature). We might also remove the external joint blurb which has been here for a while now.
      • News & Opportunity. MarkClaussen suggested that we move the joint external topics to a stand alone page as was done in the LBO pages.
      • Extra-large Proposals. We agreed that it would probably be best to have a standalone page for Extra-large proposals and that since this text will be fairly long it might be lost in the News & Opportunity section.
      • VLA. DanaBalser will touch base with BryanButler on the status of the VLA program.
      • VLBA. MarkClaussen reported that he needs to flesh out the section on extra help for some VLBA projects and that we might want to put this in the introduction.
      • GBT. ToneyMinter reported that the GBO call should be completed by 2 July.
    • PST CfP Requirements. RickLIvely reported that we should be ready for general testing next Monday. Below are some details that were discussed.
      • SSA-5578 Add check-box to VLBA cover sheet for "extra staff help: some issues implementing this ticket since it was a resurrected feature. Only ticket not released for testing yet.
      • SSA-5567 Update Allowed GBT VEGAS Pulsar modes: should be in good shape.
      • SSA-5243 Pulsar YUPPI support in PST: one issue to resolve.
      • SSA-5540 GOST 20A mods: some issues to resolve.
    • SRP Recruitment. MarkClaussen reported that we have 7 vacancies: 5 for AmyMioduszewski, 2 for MarkClaussen, and 0 for BrianMason. This includes several reviewers that have dropped out (at least for 20A) and need to be replaced.
    • TAC Recruitment. DanaBalser reported that the ISM SRP chair has agreed to chair the TAC. There remains one SRP chair vacancy in the ESG SRP to be filled.
  • AOB
    • Extra-large Proposals: ToneyMinter requested more information about the timeline. This spun off a discussion about any updates to the PST and how we would handle them. DanaBalser noted that there is no time for any PST changes but we would have proposers include Extra-large in the proposal title. These would be reviewed by the SRPs but not the TAC. RickLivley noted that this would be tricky in the PST and ToneyMinter reminded us that we probably do not want these to be in the normalization since they are not going through the normal TAC. ClaireChandler noted that the plan was for the SRP to give them a broad score (excellent, good, fair, poor) and MarkClaussen suggested we do these offline; that is, consider them like sponsored proposal that do not go though the review process. This requires more thought.
    • TTA Meeting: No meeting next week. The next meeting will be 27 June 2019.

-- DanaBalser - 2019-06-12
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