Thursday, 9 am MT, 11 am ET, 12 October 2017


CV-331/AOC-152/GB-bsm, 331 Hub Audio 434-817-6286


  • 18A
  • 18B
    • PST Software Requirements
      • VLBA/GMVA Resource Updates (Mark C.)
      • Priorities (Dana)
      • Review Updates (Dana, Lewis)
  • Session-less PST (Dana)
  • AOB


Attending: DanaBalser, GarethHunt, BarryClark, RickLively, JamesSheckard, MarkClaussen, LorantSjouwerman, AmyMioduszewski, HeidiMedlin

  • 18A
    • TAC Face-to-Face Meeting
      • Agenda:
      • TAC Documents
        • GBT. ToneyMinter reports that he expects to be completed with the TAC documents by 19-20 Oct. There were some issues with the GB PHT vis-a-vis source conflicts but this has been worked around.
        • VLBA. MarkClaussen reports that he is behind schedule but should be done by 18 Oct. Once he has everything in the PHT he will ask BarryClark to generate the summaries.
        • VLA. BarryClark has generated pressure plots and summaries. AmyMioduszewski is working on the narrative and expects to have this done by 17 Oct. We briefly discussed the VLA schedule. The plan is to start with Triggered. The HIZ SRP chair pro tem will call in after about 30 m to discuss the Large proposal. After this we will discuss any remaining Triggered proposals and then move to the Regular proposals.
      • Technical. There are two issues: 1. Test the connection with the one remote TAC member (Auditorium). 2. Test the ESO connection for the TAC member who will attend the ALMA polarization meeting remotely from GB137. ToneyMinter will follow up with these tests.
  • 18B
    • PST Software Requirements
      • VLBA/GMVA Resource Updates. MarkClaussen reported that he has not been able to discuss this with WalterBrisken yet; he will attempt to converge soon. He is not aware of Resource updates. There is one potential issues with the Technical Justification page that he will review.
      • Priorities. The first three items were deemed critical (have to do). The remaining items are things that would be nice to do, time permitting. DanaBalser will check the PST documentation vis-a-vis SSA-4181.
        • SSA-4286 GBT Resource Updates for 18B
        • SSA-4181 Pre-populate TechJustification lst box with 'N/A'
        • SSA-4226 GOST: more than 8+8 subbands in 8-bit should be designated Shared risk
        • SSA-3787 ECT: confusion limit warning only triggering on rep. frequency change
        • SSA-3812 PST 17B inconsistencies
        • SSA-3925 PST Wideband resource - default bandwidth
        • SSA-3777 Old SUBMITTED Proposals can be edited
      • Review Updates. We have converged on requirements for the PST review updates. The JIRA ticket with the details is SSA-4313. There was some discussion about the instructions. For example, we have to make sure that each reviewer has enough proposals such that the normalization is valid, that the goal is four reviews per proposal, and that the SRP chair should not assign too many proposals to themselves.
  • Session-less PST. The plan is to release a test version on 15 November 2017. ToneyMinter, MarkClaussen, and LorantSjouwerman will solicit folks for testing on the GBT, VLBA/GMVA, and VLA, respectively. There was some discussion about the time scale. There is user-based testing but also testing other tools (e.g., PST->PHTs). The latter requires allocating some software resources. DanaBalser suggested about one month for initial feedback of the user-based testing. He will will investigate the testing schedule in more detail.
  • AOB
    • 18B Call for Proposals. The VLA/VLBA CfP text should be finalized by 18 December 2017 so DavisMurphy can start generating PDF's, etc.
    • GBT Tour. A reminder that people who want to attend the GBT tour must wear closed toe shoes and pants (no shorts).
    • Next TTA Meeting. Due to a mandatory safety training meeting next Thursday in Socorro and the TAC meeting the following week, the next two TTA meeting are canceled. The next TTA meeting is 2 November.

-- DanaBalser - 2017-10-07
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