Thursday, 9 am MT, 11 am ET, 10 September 2020


NRAO Zoom 05


  • 21A
    • SRP Meetings (Dana)
  • 21B
    • PST CfP Requirements (Lorant, Rick)
  • Proposal Metric Issues (Anand, Dana)
  • Historical Large/Triggered VLBA Proposals (Mark C., Heidi)
  • AOB


Attending: DanaBalser, LorantSjouwerman, MarkClaussen, BarryClark, AmyMioduszewski, AnandCrossley TrishHenning. HeidiMedlin, ToneyMinter, RickLively

  • 21A
    • SRP Meetings. DanaBalser summarized the status of the SRP meetings. There are 9 SRPs, each of which has two, 3 hour meetings over the next two weeks. We have completed three so far. MarkClaussen reported that the GWT and EGS SRP meetings yesterday went well. No issues with Zoom. DanaBalser reported that the AGN SRP meeting today went well. The goal is to finalize these reviews by 21 September (or more likely a few days later).
  • 21B
    • PST CfP Requirements. DanaBalser summarized the process. We now have a much more organized schedule and the plan is to finalize the PST CfP requirements at the 24 September TTA meeting. LorantSjouwerman reported that next week there is a meeting to discuss any new VLA/VLBA items. One known item is that we need to include the eLWA. ToneyMinter reported that there are no known changes for the GBT. RickLively reported that the software development will be done by JenPlank and NathanHertz. They have some experience with the PST and he will also be available for consultation. DanaBalser noted that there are a total of 174 tickets and that 40 tickets have the PST-DISCUSS label. We should try to reduce this number for an initial discussion at the 24 September TTA meeting. LorantSjouwerman will provide the JIRA link. He suggested we go through all tickets and to elimnate those that have either been done or are no longer relevant.
  • Proposal Metric Issues. AnandCrossley and DanaBalser summarized some of the metric issues. For context, the User's Committee and Director's Review revealed some significant metrics issues in the past. These issues have been fixed but AnandCrossley and DanaBalser have been tasked to investigate the proposal metrics for any other problems. They have been focussing on problems with the proposal numbers for 13A-15A for the VLA/VLBA and may ask for help from Mark.Claussen and AmyMioduszewski. AnandCrossley will forward some GBT proposal issues to ToneyMinter for more recent semesters. MarkClaussen noted that such investigations can be time consuming, but this effort is high priority. We breifly discussed how X-proposals are treated in the metrics and this is a policy issue for TrishHenning. Currently there is only one X-proposal that was given time, but there is no official disposition letter since it was not officially approved yet.
  • Historical Large/Triggered VLBA Proposals. MarkClaussen reported some work on this item over the past two weeks but all of the past proposals have not been included. He needs to talk with WalterBrisken to potentially mine the old LBO pages. HeidiMedlin noted that they have updated the Trigged page and merged the VLA and VLBA proposals.
  • AOB
    • TTA Meeting: No meeting next week because of the SRP meetings. The next meeting will be on 24 September where we will prioritize the 21A PST CfP tickets.

-- DanaBalser - 2020-09-04
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