Thursday, 9 am MT, 11 am ET, 06 May 2021


NRAO Zoom 05


  • 21B
    • Directors' Review (Dana)
    • TAC Comments for review by TAC chair (Dana)
    • TAC Reports (Toney, Dana)
    • Disposition Letters (Toney, Amy, Mark C.)
  • External Joint Proposal Page (Amy)
  • AOB


Attending: DanaBalser, MarkClaussen, ToneyMinter, EmmanuelMomjian, BarryClark, AnandCrossley, HeidiMedlin, AmyMioduszewski, RickLively, GarethHunt, TrishHenning, LorantSjouwerman

  • 21B
    • Directors' Review. DanaBalser summarized the DR. There were no changes to the recommendations by the TAC. The expectation is that future TAC meetings will by hybrid (part face-to-face and remote). There were two action items:
      1. A request for USNO to provide more information about their observations.
      2. A discussion with our joint external partners about the joint proposal program. AnandCrossley reported that there already exists stats on the hours approved versus allowed; these should be updated. We also want the oversubscription---number of submitted proposals to the number of approved---for proposals going through our TAC and the extenal facility TAC. AnandCrossley will work with MarkClaussen and BarryClark to produce these metrics.
    • TAC Comments for review by TAC chair. AmyMioduszewski and MarkClaussen will try to enter the TAC comments into the PST by COB on Friday (7 May 2021). DanaBalser will inform the TAC chair to review the comments with a deadline of Wednesday, 12 May 2021.
    • TAC Reports. DanaBalser and ToneyMinter will craft the NRAO and GBO TAC reports, respectively.
    • Disposition Letters. ToneyMinter will be ready to send the GBT disposition letters by 14 May 2021; he may need to start the process by 11am EDT (we usually plan for 12pm EDT). AmyMioduszewski and MarkClaussen should be ready to send the disposition letters for the VLA and VLBA, respectively. Some manual edits are usually required (e.g., "Any" configuration for the VLA and Sponsored proposals for the VLBA).
  • External Joint Proposal Page. AmyMioduszewski proposed a web page with instructions for PIs of joint proposals. In particular who to contact to setup the observations. She will draft a page under the TTA area and then send it around for review. We can then point to this page (e.g., in the disposition letter).
  • AOB
    • Semester 22A Issues:
      1. Timeline. DanaBalser will draft a 22A timeline. The plan is to vet this internally and then poll the TAC on possible TAC meeting dates.
      2. SRP/TAC Recruitment. MarkClaussen suggested we include recruitment as an agenda item going forward. We need to recruite 2 TAC members and 12 SRP members. Candidates for ISM are welcome.
    • DMS Prioritization Meeting: LorantSjouwerman inquired about the status for TTA. RickLively reported that we negotiated 2 times our normal allocation and this will be proposed during the meeting tomorrow.
    • TTA Tools: MarkClaussen inquried about the status. We will review the status at the next TTA meeting.

-- DanaBalser - 2021-05-05
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