Thursday, 9 am MT, 11 am ET, 05 November 2020


NRAO Zoom 05


  • 21A
    • Directors' Review (Dana)
    • TAC Comments for Review by Chair (Dana)
    • TAC Reports (Dana, Toney)
    • Disposition Letters (Amy, Mark C., Toney)
  • 21B
  • Proposal Metric Issues (Anand, Dana)
  • Historical Large/Triggered VLBA Proposals (Mark C., Heidi)
  • AOB


Attending: DanaBalser, GarethHunt, ToneyMinter, Main.Heidimedlin, RickLively, MarkClaussen, BarryClark, LorantSjouwerman, EmmanuelMomjian, AmyMioduszewski, AnandCrossley, TrishHenning, ThomasChamberlin

  • 21A
    • Directors' Review. DanaBalser reported that the Directors' made no changes to the TAC recommendations.
    • TAC Comments for Review by Chair. MarkClaussen said the VLBA comments are in place but need a quick review, exept for the GMVA comments which have not yet been entered. AmyMioduszewski will check these today. AmyMioduszewski and BarryClark have entered the VLA comments. ToneyMinter reported that he updated the comments sent by DanaBalser and they are ready to go. No additional GBT comments are necessary for the HSA proposals that include the GBT as a station. DanaBalser will inform the TAC chair that the VLBA/VLA comments are ready for review with a nominal deadline of COB on Friday.
    • TAC Reports. DanaBalser reported that a draft NRAO TAC report is availabe in the usual place and to please send him any comments. ToneyMinter said the GBO TAC report will be ready by Monday.
    • Disposition Letters. ToneyMinter said that the GBT disposition letters are ready to go. AmyMioduszewski said she has not started on the VLA disposition letters but they should be ready by Monday. MarkClaussen reported that he has also not started the dispostion letters but should have them ready by Monday. The PKE meeting is tomorrow so he will then discuss HSA proposals that include Effelsberg as a station.
  • 21B
    • Timeline. DanaBalser has drafted the 21B proposal process timeline; please review and provide any feedback. ToneyMinter confirmed that we do want to receive GBT LP reports for 21B to get back in sequence.
    • PST ( Shutdown. RickLively reported that all servers need to be upgraded to RH7. We have done this with webtest and learned some lessions (e.g., do not upgrade the database). We now need to perform the upgrade to Expectations are that this will take about 1/2 day. We had a fairly long discussion of the various issues. There was some concern that we needed a plan B and that this would be useful in general; that is, if a disk dies how best to recover. Here are some of the issues:
      • DDT Proposals. We can receive DDT proposals at any time and some are time critical. We should have a banner on noting that the server is down with information about what to do for time critical DDT proposals.
      • VLBA Operations. MarkClaussen and BarryClark felt that they did not think the VLBA scheduling etc. was connected to (account system not needed).
      • VLA Operations. AmyMioduszewski said that the OPT and OST would be effected. The OST is used for scheduling and therefore it would be best to perform the upgrade on a maintenance day. We will need a banner for the OPT.
      • GBT Operations. ThomasChamberlin said that the GBT uses CAS on so users cannot update their sessions. It was not clear if this prevented ToneyMinter from scheduling; with some preparation we could probably do scheduling. But it would be optimal to use a test server.
      • Test Server. We discussed options for using a test server in place of during the upgrade. RickLively felt there were some risks with using webtest. We have a mirror of the PST database in CV (and GB). GarethHunt and AnandCrossely said they have used this routinely. However, there is no user-accessible computer in CV and GB with the user interface and other components to allow it to be used in the case of system unavailability of
      • Actions: TrishHenning will bring this issue up to the highest levels of management as a risk; RickLively will investigate if the CV mirror could be used; and RickLively will make sure this is discussed at the DMS priortization meeting.
    • PST Development. RickLively reported that the nominal 2 week development period started on Monday and that we are slightly ahead of schedule. The plan is to deploy some items by Monday. LorantSjouwerman noted that there are four tickets that still require input (see epic ticket SSA-6554). MarkClaussen and EmmanuelMomjian noted that the ECT overhead factors should be attached. RickLively said that the implementation is complicated which might be part of the confusion. There are two tickets which are bugs in Sessions; these are hard to reproduce. We will punt on these for 21A but be aware to get more information from users in the future. Finally, there is no consensus about the robust label in the ECT. For 21A we will update the documentation and revisit again in 21B.
  • Proposal Metric Issues. We ran out of time and did not discuss this item.
  • Historical Large/Triggered VLBA Proposals. We ran out of time and did not discuss this item.

-- DanaBalser - 2020-11-03
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