Thursday, 9 am MT, 11 am ET, 04 October 2018


CV-331/SO-317/GB-137, 331 Hub Audio 434-817-6286



Attending: DanaBalser, LewisBall, AnandCrossley, GarethHunt, ToneyMinter, LorantSjouwerman, BarryClark, MarkClaussen, AmyMioduszewski, RickLively, BryanButler, StephanWitz, JenPlank

  • 19A
    • Large Proposal Telecon. The Large proposal telecon will occur between 10am-1pm EDT (8-11am MDT). There are no plans to reserve rooms or to have a moderator. The focus will be on GBT proposals that use the prime focus receiver. There are no big issues with the VLA/VLBA but MarkClaussen and BarryClark will attend.
    • Release Info for TAC. The plan is to release materials on 8 October. This is not really critical for the VLA/VLBA.
      • VLA. BarryClark may have something ready by Monday (8 Oct) night. They are trying to shift some VLASS observing to fill in some LST ranges.
      • VLBA/HSA/GMVA. MarkClaussen is working on this. There was some confusion as to what was needed for the Large proposal telecon. Essentially a short narrative with a pressure plot would suffice. This is not necessary for the VLBA for 19A since there are no Large proposals.
      • GBT. ToneyMinter will try to have something ready for 8 October.
  • 19B
    • PST Requirements. We discussed the list of tickets and set priorities.
      • Telescope Resources.
        • GBT. None
        • VLA. Probably no new features but some tweaks. Maybe work on YUPPI mode. A meeting to discuss this will occur within two weeks.
        • VLBA. Probably no new features. A meeting to discuss this will occur within two weeks.
      • SSA-4947 Dump rate validation for VLA pulsar binning resource. (High) Currently being worked on.
      • SSA-4950 Cannot deselect HSA stations in VLBA Resources. (High) Currently being worked on.
      • SSA-4838 LST/GST Calculations. Epic
        • SSA-4622 LST Range Calculation. (Medium) Potential bug that should be fixed.
        • SSA-4738 GST Calculation for the VLBA. MarkClaussen and BarryClark will provide new requirements at a low priority.
        • SSA-4790 Improvement to LST calculation. RickLively will investigate.
      • SSA-4192 PST: NED/SIMBAD search preferences. (Medium) The plan is to implement the solution found for the AAT.
      • SSA-4977 better 'ANY' configuration support in the PST. (High)
      • SSA-5013 PST: space chars in upload source groups. (Medium) Should be fixed.
      • SSA-5006 PST: wrong data rate (and more). (Medium) Has some consequences for the technical reviewers.
      • SSA-4035 Problem with form to update password. (Low) Problem began sometime of January 2018. Not critical to semester release.
      • SSA-1987 PST: we need a MOTD function. (Medium) Useful to have when updating the PST. We have this for other tools. Not critical to semester release.
      • SSA-2964 PST: Withdraw Proposal Problem. Known issue that is hard to reproduce. RickLively will investigate if this is worth pursuing.
      • SSA-4982 ECT save needs more significant figures. (Low)
      • SSA-3109 characters in source name. (Low) Should make the PST consistent with the OPT.
      • SSA-4225 PST: add caption field to upload figs. (Low)
  • X-proposals. LewisBall briefly discussed the status. He has requested feedback about the science and operations impact from internal folks. He has send a summary of the EOIs to the chair of the User's group and TAC. The plan is to schedule a telecon with the two chairs to listen.
  • AOB
    • PHT. StephanWitz summarized some recent high priority work on the PHT involving calculation of various metrics and how to deal with the ANY configuration time. After some discussion there was some confusion over the requirements. DanaBalser and AnandCrossley will discuss this face-to-face when in Socorro at the end of the month.

-- DanaBalser - 2018-09-06
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