Thursday, 9 am MT, 11 am ET, 03 March 2022


NRAO Zoom 05


  • CAS Issue (Rick)
  • 22B
    • Individual Reviews
      • Technical (Mark, Toney, Dana)
      • Science (Dana)
    • SRP Meetings (Dana)
    • PST/PHT Review/Account Items (Rick)
  • 23A
    • PST Requirements (Allie)
  • AOB


Attending: DanaBalser, CharlotteHausman, RickLively, HeidiMedlin, MarkClaussen, AllieCosta, BarryClark, AmyMioduszewski, LorantSjouwerman, EmmanuelMomjian, AnandCrossley, JanetGoldstein, ToneyMinter

  • CAS Issue. RickLively briefly summarized the issues with the central authentication service (CAS) that occured this week. This prevented people from using the PST but also effects VLA and GBT operations. The issue involved an insecure account. There was some concern that similar events could occur in the future. DanaBalser will discuss this with management.
  • 22B
    • Individual Reviews
      • Technical. MarkClaussen reported that the VLA/VLBA reviews are done. Vetting by him and BarryClark should be done by Monday. ToneyMinter reported that the GBT reviews are done and he should be done vetting them by Monday. There was no information included in the technical justification for the one joint SOFIA proposal. DanaBalser reported no issues with the HST reviews but we are still waiting for the XMM-Newton and SOFIA joint proposal technical reviews. We had no Chandra joint proposals,
      • Science. DanaBalser reported that the science reivews are nominally due on Friday. No major issues thus far.
    • SRP Meetings. DanaBalser reported that the SRP meetings schedules are all set.
    • PST/PHT Review/Account Items. RickLively reported the PHT item has been released and the PST items (both review and account) will be release sometime on Saturday morning. He may iterate with AnandCrossely on SSA-5657 at a later time.
  • 23A
    • PST Requirements. AllieCosta led the discussion starting with the highest priority tickets (see below). There are four GBT Resource items but no VLA or VLBA resources items. We agreed to use the JIRA labels of critical, major, and minor to prioritize the tickets. RickLively will estimate the time on these tickets but the critical items may take up the entire 2 week (10 days) CfPs cutout. We need to finalize the list at the next TTA meeting on 24 March 2022 (no TTA meetings over the next two weeks due to the SRP meetings).
      • Critical Tickets
        • SSA-7295 Adding new AGN panels/selections to the PST: Might take some effort.
        • SSA-7107 Add New GBT X-band Receiver: Fairly straight forward.
        • SSA-7313 Add New GBT Ultra-wideband receiver (UWBR):
        • SSA-7314 Expand GBT VEGAS Pulsar Modes for UWBR:
      • Major Tickets
        • SSA-7315 New GBT VEGAS Mode for Baseband Recording: We should do if we get the requirements but not critical.
        • SSA-6904 PST: prefer RCT over GOST:
        • SSA-6130 PST: Sci Just size: two components: inline documentation and pop-up when over limit.

-- DanaBalser - 2022-01-20
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