Thursday, 9 am MT, 11 am ET, 03 June 2021


NRAO Zoom 05


  • 22A
    • CfP (Dana)
    • PST CfP Testing (Lorant)
    • Review Items (Lorant, Amy, Dana)
    • SRP/TAC Recruitment (Amy, Trish)
  • AOB


Attending: DanaBalser, TrishHenning, BarryClark, HeidiMedlin, LorantSjouwerman, AnandCrossley, AmyMioduszewski

  • 22A
    • CfP. DanaBalser noted that the NRAO CfP template is available. The plan is to have all text finalized by 25 June 2021. DavisMurphy will create the PDF version by 28 June 2021. The CfP will be released on 1 July 2021.
    • PST CfP Testing. LorantSjouwerman reported that the eLWA ticket looks good. There is still an issue with the BW equal to -1 for 4-band, but Main.Rick knows how to fix this. Other items to be tested next week.
    • Review Items. LorantSjouwerman led the discussion. We divided tickets into three groups: (1) tickets to potentially be worked on; (2) tickets to be considered at a later time; and (3) tickets that are features and are thus out of scope (LorantSjouwerman will label these as "won't do"). The tickets to consider in 22A were given a preliminary rank (see below). Please let LorantSjouwerman know of any tickets that you think are important to address that are not on this list before the next TTA meeting. Also, be ready to comment on the current rank list which we will finalize at the next TTA meeting.
      • Tickets to consider in 22A:
        1. SSA-6743 (PHT-Bug): Delete Unsent Letters button doesn't delete
        2. SSA-6972 (PHT-Bug): PHT: PHT won't send disposition letter for VLA/21B-286
        3. SSA-4035 (PST-Bug): Problem with form to update password
        4. SSA-5672 (PST-Bug): Password reset form needs improvement; may be related to 4035.
        5. SSA-6884 (PST-Bug): Score check on Panel Reviews Page should be removed
        6. SSA-3470 (PST-Bug): SRP panel page showing duplicate entries for Admin
      • Tickets that we will not consider in 22A:
        • SSA-6878 (PST-Bug): PST institution country duplication
        • SSA-6451 (PST-Bug): PST organization generating error
        • SSA-6402 (PST-Bug): Dissertation proposal doesn't match dissertation criteria
        • SSA-5764 (PHT-Bug): Modify semester selection for sessions; this is done but RickLively needs to look at it.
        • SSA-5657 (PST-Bug): Password reset should handle disabled accounts differently
      • Tickets to label "won't do" since they are features:
        • SSA-6605 (PST-Fea): PST: warning when not using Firefox (in particular Safari)
        • SSA-5009 (PST-Fea): PST: srp to sort on assignment
        • SSA-3935 (PHT-Fea): Requesting ability for a named save of a disposition letter template.
        • SSA-3728 (PST-Fea): Remove proposals from review that are withdrawn during the review phase
        • SSA-3028 (PST-Fea): PST: Export Consensus Reviews
        • SSA-1987 (PST-Fea): PST: we need a MOTD function
    • SRP/TAC Recruitment. TrishHenning reported that there remains one TAC vacancy; she has an invitation out. AmyMioduszewski had nothing new to report; she has had a few declines and additional invitations have been sent.

-- DanaBalser - 2021-05-25

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