Thursday, 9 am MT, 11 am ET, 01 April 2021


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Attending: DanaBalser, MarkClaussen, ToneyMinter, RickLively, HeidiMedlin, EmmanuelMomjian, AmyMioduszewski, BarryClark, AnandCrossley, LorantSjouwerman, TrishHenning

  • 21B
    • TAC Large Proposal Meeting
      • Agenda. DanaBalser summarized the agenda which has been updated based on discussion from the last TTA meeting.
      • Material. AmyMioduszewski reported that for the VLA there is signficant pressure on the schedule from previous propsoals, including the X-proposal. There was one Large proposal that requests significant time (at high frequency) in a future semester (A-config) and therefore she will generate a pressure plot for A-config to see if there are any issues. The VLA materials should be ready by Monday. MarkClaussen reported that he should be ready by Monday for the VLBA. There is one Large proposal that should be straight forward. ToneyMinter reported that for the GBT there is one issue: a letter from the PI of one Large proposal that will inform us of potential Sponsored time connected to the proposal. The outcome could change the total time requested in 21B.
  • Metrics Corrections for the PST. AnandCrossley summarized the ongoing investigation to check the validity of the allocated hours in the PST. Soon he will attach a file to SSA-6336 with corrections to the allocated time in the PST. RickLively said that he should be able to update the PST without too much effort. The goal is to do this by mid-April.
  • TTA Meeting. DanaBalser reported that we will not meet next week due to the Large proposal meeting. The next TTA meeting will be on 15 April 2021.
  • AOB
    • SRP Comments: AmyMioduszewski summarized several issues in the SRP comments. There are some inconsistencies between TAC only comments and the PI comments. We will address these at the regular TAC meeting and update the text as necessary.
    • TAC Thesis Comments: ToneyMinter noted that we should include any feedback to the PI about issues with the dissertation plan. DanaBalser suggested we discuss how the "thesis bump" is applied at the TAC meeting to make sure everyone is on the same page.
    • SSA/DMS Prioritatization Meeting: LorantSjouwerman querried about the discussions that led to the decision to ask for additional time beyond the 2 week allocation of SSA resources. We briefly discussed strategy and how the process works.
    • Helpdesk Tickets: LorantSjouwerman noted that we still have two old helpdesk tickets that should be addressed. He will send the ticket numbers to MarkClaussen.

-- DanaBalser - 2021-03-31
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