Single Dish Readiness Review



Nov 6

Morning -- Shooting for a 0930 start time; please arrive at the observatory at 0900 to allow time to clear the gate and find the room.


  • Development toward Test checklist

Nov 7


  • Development toward Test checklist
  • Pipeline use of ASAP (George)


  • CASA/ASAP status review
    • review requirements list and do self-evaluation
    • review test preparedness checklist and do self-evaluation
    • CASA/ASAP distribution issues


Single Dish




  • CASA UI demo. Done.
  • CASA Developer demo (Wes).Done.
  • CASA Distribution tests
    • --devel version. Required additional libraries. Patched. Done.
    • --acs version. Done.
  • SD Pipeline Heuristics discussion. Done.
    • Talk - George (ppt)
    • Areas for work/change - Agreed. Requires Scheduling.
      • Use MS rather than SDFITS as input to script
      • migrate numarray to numpy (do this in general, i.e., get rid of numeric/numarray schism)
        • Evaluate performance issues between the libraries; isolate I/O versus in-memory manipulation; look at numarray page for comments on speed; get DM case for switching back to numeric; test on all systems (also look at memory problems between 2.4.2 and 2.5.x).
      • replace pointing pattern analysis with review of scan intent
      • fix asap so asapfit can be used rather than custom Python fitter
      • review/compare Python gridding to CASA facilities (replace if appropriate)
      • Migrate code to ASAP
        • polyorder finder
        • spectral 'cluster/clump' finder

-- JosephMcMullin - 03 Nov 2006

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