Tool: sdfitter tool for SD spectral fitter
Method: sdfitter Construct a sdfitter tool
Method: setdata Set the absissa and ordinate for the fit
xdat doubleArray the abcissa values
ydat doubleArray the ordinate values
mask boolArray an optional mask
Method: setexpression Set a mathematical expression fo fit
expr string Type of the expression(gauss or poly)
ncomp int Number of components
Method: getresidual Returns residual of the fit
Method: getfit Returns the fitted ordinate values
Method: getfixedparameters Returns fixed parameters of the fit
Method: setfixedparameters Set the fixed parameters of the fit
fxd boolArray a vector of fixed parameters to be set
Method: getparameters Returns the paramters used in the fit
Method: setparameters Set the parameters to the fit
params doubleArray a vector of parameters
Method: getestimate Returns the paramter estimates
Method: estimate Compute the parameter estimates
Method: geterrors Get errors to the fit
Method: getchi2 Get chi^2 values of the fit
Method: reset Reset fitter (initialize)
Method: fit Excute a fit
Method: evaluate evaluate a component used in the fit
whichComp int Index of the component

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