Issue reports from the CASA release 3.3.0 beta testing at the EU ARC

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1 casapy-stable-33.0.16275-001-64b, 21 Sept 11, SL5, AR, cannot display contour plots in the viewer, none

was fixed in next stable

2 casapy-stable-33.0.16275-001-64b, 22 Sept 11, SL5, AR, segfault in clean


default clean
imagename = 'SgrA_spindex.clean'
npercycle = 25 threshold='1mJy'
negcomponent   = 100
dumps me with a segmentation fault, log attatched. The history is that first I tried with pbcor=T Message that this was not allowed with nterms>1 so I removed that, but then it seg faulted. I deleted the clean files and tried again, but it seg faulted again.

status: discussed with Urvashi (23 Sept) who thinks she already knows the problem, potential fix applied

Tested if problem can be reproduced with casapy-stable-33.0.16435-001-64b: no problem found. (Note: AR also noted a message about small fractional bandwidth. This is still there but Urvashi said it is OK.)

can no longer reproduce

3 casapy-stable-33.0.16418-001-64b, 28 Sept 11, RHEL5.5, DP, asdm2MS_v3 does not work on older SD dataset (ASDM binary data contains BDF violation) but asdm2MS does

status: no ticket, emails to Nuria and Jeff, fixed in active r16483 by Michel

4 casapy-stable-33.0.16418-001-64b, 28 Sept 11, RHEL5.5, DP, viewer display panel handling of display quantity and unit

should better be done the same way as in the spectral profile tool, i.e. one menu for combinations of the quantity and unit rather than two disconnected separate ones

status: asked Martin Kuemmel for his opinion, agreed, CAS-3460

5 casapy-stable-33.0.16275-001-64b, 26 Sept 11, SL5, AR, flagdata2 documentation

flagdata2 documentation (help) should be improved, what is the difference between the parameters under selectdata and under manualflag?

6 casapy-stable-33.0.16418-001-64b, 29 Sept 11, RHEL5.5, DP, viewer ellipse tool should permit rotation of the ellipse

status: added comment to ticket CAS-2836

7 casapy-stable-33.0.16375-001-64b, 29 Sept 11, Sl5, AR, different convergence behaviour

in interactive clean when clicking blue arrow or several times green arrow

(DP: suspect interactive clean ignores the npercycle parameter and only does one major cycle once the blue arrow is clicked)

status: asked Urvashi for her opinion, response: has created ticket CAS-3435

8 casapy-stable-33.0.16418-001-64b, 29 Sept 11, RHEL 5.5, MDT, problems in clean (mfs, nterms=2) after fixvis

status: determined that this is not a problem of fixvis, but possibly of clean, need to investigate further, contacted Urvashi, provided Urvashi with script and data to reproduce problem, CAS-3446, resolved, fixed

(DP also found a cosmetic issue in the fixvis logging of the new RA which is improved in active r16484)

9 casapy-stable-33.0.16501-001, 4 Oct 11, RHEL 5.5, TS/DP, asap_init crashes

status: notified casa-staff, Darell fixed and replaced tarball

10 casapy-stable Mac OSX, 5 Oct 11, Mac OS 10.6, CDB, problem in sdimaging: output is not overwritten

status: Kana is looking into it, thinks it is a viewer issue and has filed CAS-3459 (may be a non-issue), additional issue found later is in CAS-3465

11 casapy-stable, Mac OSX, 6 Oct 11, SC, problem with definition of Stokes I in flagging

status: Sandra is looking into it, CAS-3457

-- DirkPetry - 2011-10-10

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