• should be able to interchange Quantity and qa.quantity...otherwise its unuseful to use qa.quantity and cannot use that output in qa.convert for example.
    • In glish one can a='10km' the dq.convert(a, 'm') now with the qa setting if we have a quanta i have to convert it to a Quantity for passing it back into qa...for example qa.convert(v=Quantity(a.value, a.units), tounits='m')

  • input need to be interchangeable between strings and Quantity...if its hard..string is preferred by me (KG)

  • Already mentioned in the measures section....for ease of use we need somehow to be able to automatically convert to quanta from string..... in glish dq.quantity('10h20m30s') will return [value=155.125, unit=deg].

-- KumarGolap - 13 Oct 2006
Topic revision: r1 - 2006-10-13, KumarGolap
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