Third-Party Packages

All the different third-party packages that we need.

We have had problems in the past with third-party systems.

Joe is very happy with the current setup.

The one key issue is still that there is a strong

(non-root installation of the package) -- you should be able to install the package into a private area without being root. The issue here is RPM, but Red Hat has (non-root installation support) in testing.

However, we won't support non-administrative installation of the package under Mac OS X.

  • Generating that list of third-party packages needs to be done

  • What do you need for run-time versus development

Developers Release

For making new components, you need more (than bare run-time). You need a lot more. Well, not a whole lot more...

Doxygen will make our libraries transparent and usable by all.

What is the status of out System Architecture Twiki?

Distro Directory


script to print out all the paths..

-- BoydWaters - 03 Jun 2006
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