Testing Notes August 2012


2 July 2012 -

Known Issues: 2012-07-02

We are still verifying and trying to reproduce bugs discovered during the 2012-07-02 test, these are the ones I can confirm or comment about:
  • The PST throws an exception if you copy a proposal that uses one of the new resources. (note: should be fixed now)
  • PDF generated shows a blank space where it should show an unchecked box. Example: Conversion to Mark4.
  • PDF generated doesn't show the VLA General Observing uploaded image yet.
  • The tool still calls it the EVLA, instead of the VLA. This is too recent a development, it didn't make it into the requirements for the PST for 13A, so we may or may not get around to fixing it before the call for proposals.
  • Link for Proposal Science Categories (under General) should be this. (note: should be fixed now)

Internal Test on 2012-07-02

  • Dana Balser:
Author Page:  If I add a student but initially do not click on the thesis checkbox 
then I get N/A in the "Dissertation Plan" column.  This is okay since I did not check the box, 
but if I go back into edit mode I now do not see the checkbox option.  I have to delete the 
author and then add them again to see it.  Also, if you add a dissertation plan after you 
have added an author then it does not pass at validation.  You have to delete the author 
and then add them again.

PDF Copy:  I got two copies of the scientific justification in the PDF file.  See GBT/13A-011.

  • Joan Wrobel:
proposal 002 (who has used up 001? Schedsoc did not see any emails about 001.)

I tried to add Ari Laor by searching on laor. First time, I got an exception. I used the back 
arrow to try the search again and it worked fine that time.

In the student support application, I was able to validate and sumbit the proposal althought 
he work assignment was blank. I think the validation should have failed because a work 
assignment is essential to the application. Jeff should weigh in on this issue.

Otherwise, no other oddities were encountered. 


I logged out. Logged in again. I tried to fully copy 002 both before and after withdrawing it. 
All of these copy attempts failed with a java exception. If the proposal had passed validation 
once, why can't I copy it in its entirety?

  • Gustaaf Van Moorsel:
I started at 1300 MDT sharp and had my proposal submitted at 13:14.  I have no
problems to report.

I went through the complete cycle: creating a proposal, going through the various
pages, attaching a pdf and a png when asked to do so.  I added a few colleagues
as co-authors, created a source group and several instrument configurations, and
finally, a few sessions.

I was able to submit successfully after rectifying a few errors on my part (my
scientific justification was too short at first, and then my abstract was too short,
too).  It correctly insisted I attach a png file for the screenshot.  The tool allowed
me to fix all of this in an obvious and straightforward manner.

But the most important thing for me was that response was quick at all times; I had
no indication that many people were working at their proposals at the same time. 

One thing I noticed is that the uploaded .png file is not part of the proposal
when the proposal is printed out. 

  • Emmanuel Momjian:
I was able to use the PST and submit a test proposal. The tool worked just 
fine without any problems in performance. However, there are a couple of issues 
I would like to note (the 1st one of these is not related to the PST directly, but VLA 
proposers will encounter a problem while preparing their proposal):

1) The VLA correlator configuration tool's 'save' button is taking a screenshot of the web 
browser instead of what has been set in the tool itself! Maybe this program has not been 
tested sufficiently?

2) The "print all" option of the PST is not showing the png file that was uploaded to reflect 
the screenshot taken by the VLA correlator configuration tool. For the integrity of the 
proposal, the correlator configuration screenshot should be shown when 'print all' is chosen.

  • Gareth Hunt:
Still testing.  I've not done this before, so I may be doing something wrong or it may be 
unimportant.  However, when importing a source from NED/SIMBAD, the redshift and the 
radial velocity are confused.  E.g., I get 0.15834 km/s when I select radio/LSRK for 3C273, 
but a redshift of 0.15834 (which is correct). 

  • NIrupam Roy:
I tested the PST starting 13:00 MDT for about an hour. It worked more or less fine, with no 
issue with speed (I hope a reasonable number of people were testing it at the same time). 
Following are the comments/concerns from my test:

(1) There are mention of "EVLA" in few places. Are we not calling it just VLA now? e.g.

on Dashboard "Information for EVLA/GBT ..." and "EVLA Configuration Plans and ..."

on Proposals --> New proposals --> "EVLA"

(2) Proposal first page - General

"Scientific Category (Click here for additional information about Proposal Science Categories)"

The link does not point to any valid address.

(3) Scientific justification page: I was able to access it first time and upload a PDF. But 
then  I am unable to re-access and review the scientific justification page (However, 
I can go to the  print preview page and access the PDF from the link there or from the 
"Print proposal" option of the proposal list). When I access the "Scientific Justification"
page, it is giving me the following error followed by long details on the error:

HTTP Status 500

type Exception report


description The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.


See the full error message here:


(4) I have checked up to the "Validate proposal" option, and it worked fine. The submit 
is also  working fine with the automatic email reporting the submission of Proposal 
Id=VLA/13A-016  (Regular). But, even after submitting, the same error with the "Scientific 
Justification" page remains.

Finally, this is a fake test proposal that I submitted, and I hope it will not be sent 
for review.

  • Brian Mason:
I created & submitted a test mustang proposal with no problems. I tried to trip it up by 
making it a large proposal when it wasn't (9h), which it caught.

  • Brian Kent:
I submitted three test proposals, trying out features I normally wouldn't use.  Things seemed 
to be fine from my view here. 

  • Jon Romney:
Tried to enter declination -90, got error "The degree value in 'declination' bust be between 
-90 and 90.  But -89:59:59.0 is accepted.  Probably not worth fixing; unrealistic position.

Tried to enter Max End GST as (default) 24:00:00, got similar error "The hour value in 
'max. End LST' must be between 0 and 24".  But 23:59:59 is accepted. *Since this is the 
default, it should be fixed; probably just needs to be changed to <= 24.*
*The error message should refer to GST, not LST.*

"Print Preview" does not show checkboxes at all.  "Print all" does, but the *unchecked* 
boxed we had requested still do not show.

Attempted to enter .txt file; appeared to work, but couldn't submit because "Science
 justification has errors".

  • Claire Chandler:
Create proposal page:

- EVLA needs to be changed to "Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA)", and
  EVLA needs to be replaced by VLA throughout the PST.

VLA resources page:

- For General Observing, the name of the tool is "General Observing Set-up
  Tool (GOST)", please use this here (instead of "general observing
  correlator configuration tool") to avoid confusion.

- Note that I had trouble with my firefox trying to launch this tool
  directly from the GOST link, I had to download it and use javaws
  instead (not a PST problem).

- The link to the "TUNE" tool should be https://e2e.nrao.edu/tune.shtml
  (so that people are pointed to the documentation first), not

- When I change the receiver on a resource it loses the GOST output
  already uploaded.  This means that the receiver has to be selected
  first, before anything is uploaded.  Not obvious.  Better yet, make
  changing the receiver completely independent from the file upload.

- When I go into a resource to edit it, it loses the GOST output
  previously uploaded for that resource, and it has to be reloaded again.

VLA Sessions page:

- The "subarray" box doesn't allow any inputs.  Shouldn't I be allowed to
  specify the number of subarrays requested (or the subarray number) here?

- The error message for the max end LST says: "the hour value, '24', in
  'Max. End LST' must be between 0 and 24".  It seems to me that 24 is
  between 0 and 24.  I think this was intended make sure people actually
  think about what goes in here, but in my case I wanted it to cover the
  full 24 hrs.  How does the user do this?

- Correlator set-ups for general observing (the GOST output) are not shown
  in the prinout of the proposal.  How are reviewers supposed to see them?
  I was expecting these screenshots to be displayed as part of the full
  proposal printout.

General page:

- The PST wouldn't let me submit the proposal with an abstract of 9 words.
  If there is a minimum abstract length it needs to be included on the
  "general" page (along with the max word limit).

23 June 2012 - 1 July 2012

Known Issues: 2012-06-23

  • NED/SIMBAD source searches throw an exception (Stephan: I think this is fixed now, it should be tested)
  • Print Preview generates a page with missing images (Stephan: work on this is ongoing, Ashish is handling it)
  • Adding an Author with the Thesis checkbox checked throws an exception (Stephan: I think this is fixed now, should be tested)
  • Some of the error detection parts for 13A happen on validation, not save (GBT example: adding Ku and Ku Wideband to the same resource group). The requirements were a bit vague, we can try to nail this down better if we have time.
  • The VLA General Observing image upload interface isn't very smart; it works if you do the right thing, but if you don't (example: upload a GIF instead of a PNG), it doesn't fail gracefully. Also, the popup and messages refer to 'document' instead of 'image'.
  • When you view a General Observing resource, the thumbnail of the PNG should be a link to the full image. (Stephan: work on this is ongoing)
  • The uploaded PNG image for General Observing should show up in the generated PDF. (Stephan: work on this is ongoing, Ashish is handling it)

18 June 2012 (dsb using linux redhat 5.8, firefox 12.0)

  • General Page:ok
    • The minimum abstract length appears to function as expected.
    • For a DDT Exploratory proposal, I was allowed to save a 3-word abstract. Is the length not validated on a save? (Stephan: the check happens during the validation stage, not at the save stage)
  • Authors Page:
    • When I try to add an author I get the following error: java.lang.RuntimeException: org.hibernate.exception.DataException: could not execute update query After this when I try to go to the author page I get the same error. That is, I am able to first see the author page, search on an author, and try to add them. But then I get the error above and am no longer able to even see the Author page. (Stephan: we'll try to reproduce this) (dsb: this only happens if you click the thesis checkbox.)
  • Scientific Justification Page: ok
  • Sources Page:
    • When I try to upload a source via NED/SIMBAD I get the following error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class org.apache.axis.client.AxisClient
    • I was able to export sources using submitted proposals.
  • Resources Page:(Know issue: links to other tools and instructions are not yet included.)
    • EVLA:
      • General Observing:
        • Initially neither "continuum" nor "Spectroscopic" is selected; hence you can save this mode without selecting either. (Stephan: this should be fixed now)
      • Shared Risk Observing: ok
      • Resident Shared Risk Observing:
        • The label is "WIDAR RSRO". Based on the requirements it should be "Resident Shared Risk Observing". (Stephan: during a hallway meeting it was agreed to keep the old label)
      • EVLA Commissioning Staff Observing :
        • The label is "WIDAR ECSO". Based on the requirements it should be "EVLA Commissioning Staff Observing". (Stephan: during a hallway meeting it was agreed to keep the old label)
    • GBT:
      • I am able to select the "Ku-band (12-15.4 GHz)" and "Ku-wideband Shared Risk (11-18 GHz)" receivers in the same resource group and thus the same session, but this should be forbidden. (Stephan: the check happens at validation, try validating and see if it flags it? There was a bug in that code I fixed recently)
    • VLBA: ok
  • Sessions Page:
    • The "Max. End LST" value is defaulted to "24:00:00" which is not allowed by the tool. This appears to be true in the my.nrao.edu version. I think Ashish made some changes in how he was checking temporal units that has caused this problem. I suggest we change the default to "23:59:59". I think in the code there is a check if the user has kept the default values for the LST range which is now 00:00:00 to 24:00:00. If they save the default values we display a pop-up asking if they really want to use the default values. We need to change this to be 00:00:00 to 23:59:59.
  • Student Support Page: ok
  • Print Preview Page: (Known issue: images are missing.)

jmw, 6/20, mac, firefox

  • Dashboard: please say "VLA Configuration Plans and Proposal Deadlines" and remove the date
  • VLA DDT Exploratory
    • I was able to save a 3-word abstract but that should have failed validation
    • As desired, the 13A resources goodies are not on offer
    • Copying 12A resources worked fine but the warning says "trimester" whereas it should say "semester/trimester"
    • This is supposed to be the ECSO route to the new low-band system but I see no way of selecting the low-band receiver
    • I confirm the failure of NED searches
    • Copying 12A sources worked fine
    • There is something wrong with the session validation. I kept the default min and max LSTs but was never warned that this would lead to a session centered at 12 LST, possibly an undesirable situation. We need to recover the logic path that led to that validation popup. Maybe the path got broken with the 23:59:59 silliness Dana mentions above.

25 June 2012 (dsb using linux redhat 5.8, firefox 12.0)

  • General Page:
    • New science categories look good.
  • Authors Page:
    • I can now add an author with a thesis checked.
  • Sources Page:
    • NED/SIMBAD search now works.
    • Let's say I create a source group (SG1) and then add a source within this group. Then I create another source group (SG2), but initially do not add any sources. If I then click on SG1 to edit make changes it opens up SG2 instead of SG1 for editing. This does not occur if I have added any sources to SG2, however, but in this cases it works as expected by opening up SG1 for editing. This is a preexisting condition; that is, the same bug occurs with my.nrao.edu.
  • Resources Page:
    • EVLA
    • General Observing:
      • When Spectroscopy is selected we should probably add units for rest frequencies, presumably GHz.
      • The inline help in the PST seems reasonable. I am able to download the external tool okay and locate the external tool help (which is currently empty). When I save the configuration as a png file and then upload it the image is not displayed properly (I get a blank thumbnail). If I try to edit this resource (after it has been saved) the file path is cleared and I have to browse my directories again. I think we should save the old file path. Oddly, if I save it a second time the image is then displayed correctly but not as a thumbnail; it is, however, too small to read.
      • I am able to select a receiver that is not consistent with the input WIDAR frequencies. That is, I can select L-band in the Receiver menu, but choose Ka-band in the external tool. I am not sure how we check this since they are derived from different tools that do not communicate with each other. For Spectroscopy we could use the rest frequencies as a check. Maybe we should add frequencies for continuum. The user can still defeat this by entering in frequencies that are different from the external tool but at least we would make them think about it. (Mark: we could test the rest frequencies; however, I think we should just put a comment in that says something like "Make sure to select the correct receiver !" I'll give Stephan some text. Done, 28 June)
    • Shared Risk Observing:
      • This still appears to be under construction. The PST help has a typo: "...properties (they symbol just to the left..." should be "...properties (the symbol just to the left..." .
    • WIDAR RSRO/WIDAR ECSO: We should check that the link for info is up-to-date. (Mark: Yes, we need to modify the text a bit, and the help link; well, we'll also have to put in real links too, Both of these Done 28 June)
  • Sessions Page:
    • Still need to fix the LST range issues noted above.
  • Help Document:
    • We are going to modify this document soon so here I was just checking the functionality not the content. But I noticed that the html file has a date of January 27. 2012 but the pdf file has a date of July 26, 2011. This is no big deal, but when I checked my.nrao.edu I noticed the same problem. I suspect we should fix this in the production server.
  • Proposal PDF file: FYI, I have not checked this out very carefully. It seems better to wait until most of the other issues are fixed and then carefully inspect the PDF. Also, I see you are working on the PDF anyhow.

26 June 2012 (dsb using linux redhat 5.8, firefox 12.0)

  • Resources Page:
    • GBT:
      • Ku-wideband Shared Risk (11-18 GHz):
        • The number of spectral windows in a saved configuration does not persist in edit mode. For example, if I save a configuration with 2 spectral windows, when I go back into edit mode the number of spectral windows is 1 (the default), but it should list 2.
        • There should be an error if a user tries to save a configuration and the number rest frequencies does not equal the number of spectral windows. This works when the number of rest frequencies is less than the number of spectral windows, but not when the number of rest frequencies is more than the number of spectral windows.
        • For VEGAS I see the different spectral windows to select (1,2,4,8, or 16), but no matter which one I choose "1" is displayed. Also, I think the number of spectral windows depends on the bandwidth (we need to confirm this with Toney).

27/28 June 2012 (mjc)

After reviewing the CfP yesterday and testing the PST today (28 June), I have the following to add:

  • Resources Page:
    • VLBA:
      • For the HSA, if PFB System is selected, we should now be able to select Eb and Ar.
      • For the DDC System, under the Bandwidth pull-down menu, only 128 and 64 MHz should be available (we currently have 128, 64, and 32 MHz).
      • Still need to put in some "help" text when HSA is selected, no matter what Observing System is selected. I'll try to do this this afternoon.
      • From the Plan of Record, on the cover page, we either need to not show "Full Polarization", "Pulsar Gate", or "Conversion to Mark 4" at all, or show them with blank checkboxes. (These are under "Correlation Parameters".)

jmw, 6/28 6pm, mac, firefox, VLBA

1. I was allowed to save a two-word abstract. (dsb: I think this is the correct behavior since we want to check this at proposal validation.)

2. When I added a student as a co-author, the the Dissertation Plan column said N/A. But when I clicked on her name, that column immediately offered the Observing for Thesis check box. Shouldn't I have got that check box immediately upon adding her?

All other aspects of a vanilla proposal worked just fine.

28 June 2012 (dsb using mac 10.5.8, firefox 12.0)

  • GBT Resource Page:
    • All receivers with VEGAS:
      • The resolution is incorrect when the bandwidth is either 5 MHz or 1 MHz when there are either 1 or 2 spectral windows (the last four rows of the second table at: https://safe.nrao.edu/wiki/bin/view/Software/IntxSvcsMR1S211#GBT). For a bandwidth of 5 MHz the spectral resolution should be 0.15 kHz and for a bandwidth of 1 MHz the spectral resolution should be 0.03 kHz. Instead 1468 kHz is displayed. This is not a new bug but exits in my.nrao.edu.
    • Ku-wideband with VEGAS:
      • The PST thinks Ku-wideband is a dual beam receiver. For example, if I select two spectral windows and click save I get a pop-up message that says "Single Beams not available to Dual beam Receivers".
  • VLA Resource Page:
    • General Observing:
      • GOST: it might be useful to note in the documentation that for spectral line to select BW, Prod, or Channels you need to click on the text.
    • Shared Risk Observing:
      • SRCT: Still not clear how this works to me.

29 June 2012 (dsb using linux 5.8, firefox 13.0.1)

  • GBT Resource Page:
    • All receivers with VEGAS:
      • For bandwidths of 5 MHz and 1 MHz with 8 or 16 spectral windows there should be 4096 channels but there is 32768. This occurs in my.nrao.edu as well.

29 June 2012 (Jon Romney)

  • VLBA Resources:
    • Stations (Serious problems with HSA entries)
      • Initially (Legacy System): GB enabled, not AR/EF/Y27/HSA.
      • With PFB System selected: GB/AR/EF enabled, not Y27/HSA.
      • With DDC system selected: GB/Y27 enabled, not AR/EF/HSA.
      • Return to Legacy system: GB/AR/EF enabled, not Y27/HSA.
      • HSA checkbox should be enabled at all times.
      • Legacy: GB/AR/EB/Y27 enabled; HSA sets all four.
      • PFB: Same as legacy.
      • DDC: GB/Y27 enabled; HSA sets both.
      • Changing Observing System selection should reset all HSA station entries to unchecked. This does happen sometimes but not always.
      • A sanity check is required somewhere, active only when Y27 is specified. Only these combinations of observing system and bandwidth are allowed: Legacy @ 16MHz; PFB @ 32MHz; DDC @ 64 or 128MHz.
      • Correct station code EB should be used for Effelsberg, as above in this list -- not EF.
    • Observing Parameters
      • Comes up with "Legacy System" default (probably sensible). But setup parameters show values for PFB, and are disabled.
      • To use Legacy system and select parameters, have to select a different system and then go back to Legacy.
      • For Legacy system, bandwidth drop-down includes whole set of values for all systems; should not include 64 and 128 MHz.
      • Similarly, sample-rate drop-down includes 64/128/256; not available with legacy system.
      • PFB and DDC system behavior for this column is correct.
      • Warning (or sudden appearance of Satan) does not occur when 1 bit/sample is selected -- as was requested.
      • Aggregate bit rate always seems to work now!
    • Correlation Parameters
      • Spectral points generally works correctly.

-- DanaBalser - 2012-06-18
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