PST Release Notes (01 Feb 2011)

  • Proposal Processing:
    1. NRAO is moving to a new proposal evaluation and time allocation process. Changes include two proposal deadlines per year, 1 February and 1 August, instead of three; new proposal types; new science categories; and new observing types.

  • Telescope Resources:
    1. EVLA: The Open Shared Risk Observing (OSRO) modes have been modified. There are now 3 OSRO modes instead of 2 OSRO modes. They are called: "WIDAR OSRO, Full Polarization"; "WIDAR OSRO, Dual Polarization"; and "WIDAR OSRO, Single Polarization".
    2. GBT: A 2-beam W-band (68-92 GHz) receiver was added for shared risk observing. The 2-beam K-band receivers, "K-Band Lower (18.0-22.4 GHz)" and " K-Band Upper (22.0-26.5 GHz)", have been replaced with the 7-beam K-band Focal Plane Array (KFPA).
    3. VLBA: The Wideband Observing System, consisting of a 32 MHz bandwidth, has been added.

  • Misc.:
    1. Better error checking at validation when copying telescope resources from another proposal.
    2. The proposal numbering scheme now starts with the number one for all telescopes.

-- DanaBalser - 2011-01-05
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