PST Release Notes (01 February 2008)

  • Icon Location: The "Submit" and "Withdraw" icons are now in their own column, separate from the "delete", "validate", "copy", and "print" icons.

  • Copy Function: In all the previous PST versions copying a proposal would copy everything from the proposal. Now the "copy" function allows the user to select which section (author, source, resource, session, or scientific justification) they want to copy.

  • Plan of Dissertation: A Plan of Dissertation (PoD) can now be uploaded from within the PST. The PoD is required for proposals that are part of a student's thesis. The PoD can be uploaded in the Author's page or in a student's profile (Administration > My Profile > Preferences). Only a single instance of a students PoD is maintained. Hence, once uploaded, a student's PoD will appear in every proposal where she or he is a co-author and observing for a thesis.

  • Author's Page: To avoid confusion about incorrect author information notes have been added on the search and select page to instruct the user that the author information can be updated later if it is incorrect. Also there is now a mechanism to contact (via email) the author, who has incorrect information, requesting them to login and update their profile. Later the proposer can update the author information in the proposal.

  • Sorting of Sources and Resources: For each source group and resource group there is an Up/Down link provided that can be used to move sources or resources within a group. A similar link is provided to move different groups around.

  • HTML Print Preview: An HTML print preview link now appears in the left-hand tree below the sessions link. Therefore the user does not have to go back to the main proposal page to download the proposal to verify the proposal content.

-- DanaBalser - 15 Jan 2008
Topic revision: r1 - 2008-01-15, DanaBalser
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