PST Priority List 13A (August 2012 Deadline)

Also, see the August 2011 PST Testing Notes.

  1. Telescope Resources:
    • EVLA
    • GBT
    • VLBA
  2. GBT Emails: As Carl's tool is replaced there needs to be a change in emails. PST already sends out an email with "your proposal has been submitted." Issue is that GBT used to send out an extra email after proposal submission to say "your proposal will be considered" and this was done with Carl's tools. Joan will rework the wording of the email that the PST sends out to make this not necessary, i.e., something like "your proposal has been submitted and will be considered as part of the 13A proposal review process."
  3. Server Issues: Tests to isolate problems with the server performance when there is a large load on the system. Tests have been developed but this problem requires additional testing. Fixes have gone in to the Open Sky server, we need to be sure they get implemented on the Socorro server.
  4. Abstract Minimum: Add validation check that the abstract contains more than 10 words. While this is not critical for the PST this deadline, it should be easy to do and a good way for NRAO programmers to get into the code.
  5. Export Sources: When a proposal has been submitted the export button is disabled. It would be useful to keep this so a user could directly export an old source list. Currently you can do this by copying a proposal to a draft and then exporting the draft, but this takes more clicks and is not always obvious. While this is not critical for the PST this deadline, it should be easy to do and a good way for NRAO programmers to get into the code.
  6. Update Documentation: (note: Dana and Mark make changes to a LaTeX file, which gets sent back to Ashish, who makes the PDF and HTML from that. Is this the same system we had in place when we turned over the code? Might be (except flyover help is no longer part of it) - find out from Open Sky.)
    • EVLA: New WIDAR Modes
    • GBT: see helpdesk ticket

  7. GBT Resource Validation: A scheme from the GBT sensitivity calculator is used to provide more accurate and consistent resource validation. Ashish has done a fair amount on this already, but it needs more work and then testing. He estimates it might take several days of his time. There is still a fair amount to be done, so it's unclear if this is something that really should be done this cycle. But it has been "on the list" to do for GBT for a long time.
  8. Student Support Page:
    • Add a mechanism to export SOS information. Currently Jeff Mangum has to have Joan export information from the PST and work from that. He'd like a way to export that information directly without Joan having to do it.
    • We need to rethink the current SOS page which is confusing. Discussions with JeffMangum were leaning toward the following model. Remove "Requesting Investigator", the "Student Support PI" must be at a US institution (which may be NRAO), and the "Student" must be at a US institution. The software should check for these constraints and the documentation should be updated to reflect these changes (it is even now out of date).
    • Update documentation.
  9. DDT/EPO: Add a new proposal category EPO for DDT proposals. This is not critical for this cycle, so should be deferred, but keep it on the list for the 13B deadline.
  10. Triggered Proposals: Add infrastructure to incorporate user text that provides information about triggered proposals. This is the so-called "Triggering Criteria". Would like to have a text box that appears when the Triggered proposal is selected. Ashish says this is fairly easy, but it is not critical for this deadline.
  11. Authors/Institutions:
    • Institutions: We need to make sure all users have a default institution. It would be straightforward to crawl the database to find users that have no default institution. If such a user has only a single institution, what to do is easy - just make that institution their default. If they have more than one, we need to decide what to do.
    • Institutions: We need to fix or update some institution information. Finding all the institutions that might have incorrect information will be difficult, so we should defer this.
  12. Import Sessions: Add the capability of importing sessions the way that sources are imported. This is a bit tricky since Sessions depend on sources and resources. Also, the GBT behaves differently than does the EVLA/VLBA/HSA. Because this is so tricky, we will defer for this deadline.

Completed Tasks:

  1. TAC Page Updates:
    • TAC Page Science Category: During the review process NRAO, in some cases, alters the science category for a proposal. This NRAO-vetted science category should be displayed on the TAC summary page.
    • TAC Page and Conflicts:
      • We want to change the conflict constraints for the TAC page. Conflicts will only include self-declared conflicts and conflicts where the reviewer is an author on the proposal. So institutional conflicts should not be used here.
      • There should not be any lock-out of proposals. That is, even if a reviewer is conflicted they should be allowed to access the proposal.
      • There were some conflict errors detected during the TAC meeting. Towards the end of the TAC meeting no reviewer could access proposals. MarkClaussen will provide some information to OpenSky.
  2. Authors/Institutions:
    • Authors: currently 116 users (A-I) have been de-duped. We should finish this effort within the next month.

-- DanaBalser - 2012-03-28

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