Plan of Record (August 2015) 16A

Plan of Record

Telescope Resources

VLA - Resources

  • VLA DDT and Configuration (EVL-2956): While preparing a DDT proposal for the A config, we requested X band with the 3-bit samplers. The default resource offered a dump time of 3s, whereas 2s is required for the A config according to the OSS. We are in the process of changing the dump time to 2s in our draft proposal VLA/2015-00-059. But we thought we should point out this inconsistency. Minor bug but issues with data rate calculation. The default should be set by configuration. Mark will add.
Configuration Observing Bands Default Integration Time
D, C L, S, C 5 seconds
D, C X Ku K Ka Q 3 seconds
B all 3 seconds
A all 2 seconds

  • VLA P-band (EVL-2957): Arielle Moullet noticed that the PST definition of shared risk for P-band is not consistent with the CfP. We need to change P-band wide-band so it is GO, not Shared Risk. This was done for 15B; it is in the system now.

GBT - Resources

  • Mustang 1.5 (EVL-2958):
    • Mustang 1.5 will not be available for the 16A proposal call and should be removed as an option in the GBT resources.
    • Change the back-end name from "Mustang" to "Mustang 1.5". Change database for 15A and 15B.

  • C-band receiver (EVL-2959): Change the name of the C-band receiver from "C-band Shared Risk (3.95-8 GHz)" to "C-band (3.95-8 GHz)". Need to test carefully for copying proposals.

  • GBT Back-end Frequencies (EVL-2960): Currently the PST traps when rest frequencies are outside of the nominal range for the receiver when using VEGAS but it does not allow you to save them. They are not checked at all for the DCR. The correct behavior is to trap when the frequencies are outside their nominal range with a popup message, but allow the user to save.

VLBA - Resources

  • Update HSA (EVL-2961): For the HSA, we need to modify what we consider as Shared Risk (or RSRO). Y27 PFB and DDC with 8 channels, as well as Eb DDC with 8 channels can be moved to General Observing. This means pop-ups which notify the user that these resources are Shared Risk can be removed, as well as the "renaming" of the Resource.

GMVA - Resources

Technical Justification:

  • GBT Technical Justification (Dates and Times Textbox) (EVL-2961): Update the first GBT textbox to read: "Date and times of any fixed time observations (e.g. superior conjunction, perihelion, closest approach to Earth, etc.). All potential fixed time observations (radar, pulsar observations at a specific phase, etc. must provide a full list of the potential observing dates. Failure to provide the list will likely result in the proposal being rejected for technical reasons."

  • VLBA/HSA and GMVA Technical Justification (EVN Calculator images Textbox) (EVL-2975) Modify the cue to uploading EVN calculator images. Change the first sentence to " Please upload EVN exposure calculator graphic(s), if it was used to calculate the integration time needed. Please make sure that all 4 subpanels of the calculator are captured."


  • Automate min/max LST Calculation (EVL-2849): It would be nice to automate the min/max LST calculation, given sources in a session. It may not be possible in all cases, but we should do what we can.

  • Detect Browser Type (EVL-2963): We carefully test the PST software using Firefox but do not officially support other browsers. In particular, there are known issues with Safari when uploading files. Chrome has had some problems as well. We have a message on the Dashboard but this does not always work. More visible would be to pop up a dialog box when a users logs into the PST with a browser different from Firefox.

  • Withdraw Proposal Problem (EVL-2964): Alyson Ford tried to withdraw the proposal before but close to the deadline but the icon was missing.

  • Sponsored Proposals (EVL-2965): We should remove "Other" as a sponsor since having it has caused some confusion (there are different types of sponsors).

  • Disabled Accounts (EVL-2966 [Portal] and EVL-2967 [Author]): A user should not be able to login to a disabled account or add a disabled user to a proposal.

  • Contact Info (EVL-2968): Sam Kim had a problem submitting a proposal because he did not have a contact phone number, but he claims he did have a number.

  • Zero File Size (EVL-2969): For attached images (GOST or ECT or EVN exposure calculator) we need to verify the file image type, and raise a flag to users when the length of the attached image is zero.

  • Exposure Calculator and Sessions (EVL-2970): We need a way to connect the exposure calculator screen shot with the session. Maybe consider using xml (as ECT can write out xml) and use in reports. Also, it would be nice to move the exposure calculator screen shot next to the sessions.


TAC Suggestions

  • SRP Export File (EVL-3026). Make the following improvements to the SRP Export file:
    • Export full proposal scores (2 significant digits, rather than rounding as currently)
    • Export full rms value (2 significant digits, rather than rounding as currently)
    • Additional columns for thesis (Y/N), multi-configuration (for VLA), joint for other telescopes
    • Additional columns with reviewer initials and an indication of conflicted.
    • For example, see Larry's google doc:
    • The current file has two parts. The first is a rank-ordered list with the rank, score, proposal, time, PI, and title. The second has sections for each reviews with a list of the conflicted proposals (same format). Similar to Larry's google doc maybe we just create one table with the following format. Maybe a csv file would be best since it could be imported into other tools easier?

Rank Prop. ID Score Std. Title PI Time Thesis Joint Multi JA PN DU LB DB
1 GBT/15B-123 5.23 1.23 Mapping the Universe Jane Doe 50.4 x       x     x

  • Printing Proposals. Proposals should be easier to print. There are two stages. (1) SRP stage. They can select proposals and then use the print button. This puts all of the proposals in one file. We had a request to put these into individual files a while back. (2) TAC stage. Here they can either use the print icon to print the proposals or the download icon to download various files (thesis plan, scientific justification, etc.) into a subdirectory. Since the TAC members can now view all proposals it would be useful to have a button for them to download a tar file that contains all of the proposals organized by telescopes. So there would be three directories (GBT, VLBA, VLA), each of which contains one pdf per proposals with all of the info (e.g., including the thesis plan). This is essentially what we gave the TAC on a flash drive at the meeting. We decided to do this outside of the PST.

  • Export Individual Reviews (EVL-3027). For the SRP telecon it would be good to be able to export all individual reviews or show them all (so that they can be printed).

  • Export Consensus Reviews (EVL-3028). For the TAC meeting it would be good to be able to export all consensus reviews or show them all (so that they can be printed).

  • Switch Proposal Panel (EVL-3029). Currently we cannot switch a proposal from one SRP to another SRP once we are in the accepting reviews phase (at least not easily). It would be useful to be able to make the change later in the review process.

Other Issues

  • Accept Conflict Status (EVL-3030). There is an "(N)" next to a reviewers name on the Reviews Summary page that indicates that this reviewer has not accepted their conflicts yet. This is often incorrect, however, and thus we need to investigate why this often fails.

  • Technical Review Import Issue (EVL-3030). A line is ignored as a comment if a "*" is in the first column. But this does not work if the proposal delimiter "###" is also included on this line. So "* ### test" is not treated as a comment but "* test" is okay. This appears to be a bug.

  • Read-only Technical Justification (EVL-3031). It would be nice if the technical reviewers had a read-only copy of the TJ on the review page so reviewers don't have to switch back and forth.

  • Technical Review Assignments (EVL-3032). We need a way to import/export technical review assignments.

  • Science/Technical Reviewer (EVL-3033). The PST cannot handle the case where we have a single person who is both a technical and science reviewer. The current solution has been for an admin to cut/paste the review.

  • Printing (EVL-3034). Modify the print proposals button to allow us to include just the title, abstract, authors and not the full cover page. For the purposes of creating a paper copy to read the science justifications to make an initial assessment, I really don't want (or need) the pages and pages of resources.

Current JIRA Backlog

  • EVL-2811 PST: problems changing passwords on webtest
  • EVL-2828 PST: Problems printing sources with the Print button
  • EVL-2560 PST: Update addressCountry table in PST
  • EVL-2561 PST: Expand addressCountry table in PST
  • EVL-2796 PST: Author Reordering Issue
  • EVL-2849 PST: Automate min/max LST Calculation
  • EVL-2600 PST: User changing affiliation results in bad data state
  • EVL-2576 PST: VLA Configurations in Review Cycles: add "Any"
  • EVL-1986 PST: "/nrao-2.0" in the code
  • EVL-2646 PST: Investigate enhanced format for Release Notes and update releast notes
  • EVL-2696 PST: Modify the Print All Functionality
  • EVL-2003 PST: show 'version' somewhere
  • EVL-2202 PST: Print Preview Error
  • EVL-2815 PST: getScienceReviewerFromUser can return wrong reviewer cycle
  • EVL-2200 PST: Problems uploading large source lists
  • EVL-1987 PST: we need a MOTD function
  • EVL-1988 PST: tomcat 'guessed user' feature
  • EVL-2467 PST: Print Preview/PDF Format
  • EVL-2025 PST: Duplicate Proposal Identifiers
  • EVL-2264 PST: VLBA Resources: use table to constrain options
  • EVL-2089 PST: sources imported from the PST have wrong coordinates
  • EVL-2584 PST: Re-write the Sessions section
  • EVL-2814 PST: Issues with Review Tabs
  • EVL-2123 PST: Import Modified Sessions from PHT to PST
  • EVL-2537 Pulsar support in PST, OPT, and model2script
  • EVL-2812 PST: Problem with the Reviews Summary page?
  • EVL-2820 PST: initial review cycle does not match filter on reviews pages
  • EVL-2799 ALL: Proper flow of data volume from PST all the way through observing
  • EVL-2896 PST: Problems printing proposals from the Proposal List page
  • EVL-2897 PST: Adding Technical Category to Sponsored Proposal
  • EVL-2905 PST: Order of proposers on a proposal
  • EVL-2933 PST: Problems converting some symbols iin the PDF reports
  • EVL-2944 Add years to the Proposal filters
  • EVL-2945 Repeat clicking on print icon results in 404 error
  • EVL-2947 VLBA resource printing issue
  • EVL-2948 Remove legacy calendar system

Current JIRA Long Term

  • EVL-2842 PST: Overhaul Permission Systems
  • EVL-2844 PST: Sponsored Proposal and Science Category
  • EVL-2845 PST: Proposal Changes during Review
  • EVL-2846 PST: Proposal Submission Constraints
  • EVL-2851 PST: Re-submit Feature
  • EVL-2852 PST: Import/Export Resources
  • EVL-2853 PST: External Proposal Import
  • EVL-2702 PST: Related Proposals
  • EVL-2703 PST: Improve Emails
  • EVL-2699 PST: Calculate and Display Data Rate/Volume
  • EVL-2700 PST: Technical Justification Examples
  • EVL-2701 PST: Snapshot Proposals
  • EVL-2009 PST: make it build with maven
  • EVL-1858 PST: import sessions from text file into PST
  • EVL-2446 PST: Add Student Support Data to the PST from External Tools
  • EVL-2428 PST: GBT Resource Validation
  • EVL-2115 PST: DDT/EPO
  • EVL-2433 PST: Add Spectral Lines
  • EVL-1861 PST: PST doesn't use groups properly
  • EVL-2431 PST: Adding Users to Projects
  • EVL-2432 PST: Joint Proposals
  • EVL-2430 PST: DDT Proposals and Resources
  • EVL-2244 PST: change password field confusion
  • EVL-1989 PST: old bug reporting system
  • EVL-2020 PST: backend, frontend, expiration date

Additional Items:

  • There are a couple of items that we'd like the EVN calculator to do, but we will have to ask the JIVE people if they can do them for us:
    • Add spectral line sensitivity calculation.
    • Make a button on the tool to create a snapshot like GOST, or ECT does. If they cannot, we need to make it clear in the cue text that we need all 4 subwindows.
  • Technical Review Cues. Revisit the default technical review cues (e.g., see Barry's email on 2/13/15 with subject "Technical review format").

Documentation Updates

  • CfP
    • DONE Large Proposal Policy. Update the documentation to include information about our policy on proposals that span multiple semesters. Updated on Large Proposals Policy Page
    • DONE Emphasize the scientific justification format requirements (e.g., 4 pages, 11 pt font, US letter size). Made text boldface in PST manual.

  • VLA sub-arrays. Improve the documentation on how to configure the Sessions for VLA sub-arrays.

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