Notes for June 2009

Add before the release

  • Changes to the Student Stipend via Dale: There are really 4 parts to this application. Requesting Investigator, Miscellaneous Expenses, Student Stipends, and text that describes the Assignment (i.e. work) that the student will do. The first three are fine except that it would also be nice to have
    1. a Total = Miscellaneous Expenses + Student Stipends.
    2. As you can see, the Assignment (which applies to the whole project) gets stuck in an awkward comment field. A simple ascii box under the Student info would be fine. (See attachment.)

  • Change GBT resource default of 4 spectral windows to 1 spectral window since the default is to list only one frequency.

  • Check available resources when copying resources from a previous proposal. Right now we check at validation only.

-- DanaBalser - 2009-01-16
Topic revision: r2 - 2009-01-20, DanaBalser
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