Notes for February 2014

Items for Plan of Record

  • Knowledge based articles for the helpdesk.
  • GBT WV proposals. Fold these into the more general category of External Proposals.
  • Problems with printing. Old software? Problems with pdflatex?
  • Problems with old drafts. Often old drafts are used to create a new proposal (DDT or Regular), but often the Resources have changed. How do we inform users not to use old drafts?
  • Resources for DDT vs Regular. Often the resources are different between the future semester (e.g., 14A) and the current semester (e.g., 13B). So users submitting DDT proposals after the 14A CfP may not have the correct resources in the PST. This is currently handled with exceptions in the code. We need a better way.
  • Snapshot proposals.
  • Many links (especially for VLA and VLBA) for documentation change each semester. Is there a way to make these static?
  • During validation we should check that the author info is up-to-date with the profile info. If not then we should update the author info and inform the user with a comment.
  • When copying old proposals we need to add the technical justification page.
  • Check PST alerts are correct (
  • Lots of bugs in PST review (especially when dealing with the permissions of the reviewer and the allowed functionality).

-- DanaBalser - 2013-08-14
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