Notes for February 2013

Items for Plan of Record

  • Spectral Lines of Interest: It would be useful to include lines of interest for spectroscopy projects.

  • Student Support Page:
    • Allow either text input or a pdf file upload to the related awards.
    • Add a mechanism to export SOS information.
    • We need to rethink the current SOS page which is confusing. Discussions with JeffMangum were leaning toward the following model:
      • Remove "Requesting Investigator" as it is redundant with "Student Support PI".
      • "Student Support PI" and "Student" must be at a US institution (which may be NRAO). The software should check for these constraints and the documentation should be updated to reflect these changes (it is even now out of date).
      • Change "Related Awards" to "Current and Pending Awards"
      • Allow for pdf file upload of "Current and Pending Awards" document as an alternative (not in addition) to the text box entry.
    • Update documentation: From JeffMangum

Change Section in help documentation, "other related awards" subsection, to read:

Current and Pending Awards:
    Any current or pending awards that the student or the advisor have should be listed here. 

Also, in the "Student Support" section of the proposal the instructions under the "Current and Pending Awards" field should read:

"Please list for the SOS award requester and student only all current and pending awards (NSF/NASA/other).  
 Provide the amount, role (PI or CoI? ), funding agency, title, and period of performance for each award."

-- DanaBalser - 2012-07-12
Topic revision: r4 - 2012-07-14, JeffMangum
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