Notes for February 2008

Add before the release

  • Add dynamic scheduling info into the dashboard. For people that might not read the call for proposals too carefully we need to make sure that users understand that for cycle 8B they are agreeing to test out the DSS.
  • Because Ron Maddalena is not available we need to change his name for technical support of proposals for the GBT.


  1. Divorce Sources from Sessions. The sources are necessary only to resolve conflicts between different proposals.
  2. Combine Resources and Sessions on one page. Only include limited info for resources (e.g., configuration (VLA only), Front-end, and Back-end). Do not include detailed info about the Correlator configuration, for example. This section is necessary to currently schedule the telescope. For example, Carl needs to know that K-band must be available during these time periods. When we move to dynamic scheduling there will be a secondary tool that can handle this information. Although we will still need some information contained in Resources and Sessions at the proposal stage (e.g., The PSC has to know how much Galactic Center time is requested).
  3. Divorce the Scientific Justification from the Technical Justification. That is, have a separate place to include/import the technical justification. This is similar to the old PST (Gemini version). This way we separate information required for the scientific reviewers and the technical reviewers.

The technical reviewer will have to do more work since they will have to find info in the text and, of course, in some cases this information will not be available. But it will make life easier, I think, for the users.

-- DanaBalser - 10 Dec 2007
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