Notes for August 2014

Postmortem Summary

              udb-admin Tickets (Gareth)

Total number of unique tickets: 107

o Institutional request tickets:

New organization:      26
Existing organization: 71
Total institutional:   97

o Misc. tickets:

Password update requests:  8
Slow server complaints:    7 (Aug 1 only)
Spurious accounts created: 2

Here, the password update requests are for people whose default emails
are no longer valid, requiring them to make a special request.  Since
the restoration of the accounts usually requires a resetting of the
institution, these are mostly also included in the institutional
support requests.  So, ignoring duplicate requests, I counted 107
total tickets to udb-admin.

               NRAO Helpdesk Tickets (All)

Total number of tickets: 54

o Deadline Date/Time.  When querying the server for the date/time we
get the UTC date and the EDT time.  So on 31 July from 20 - 24 EDT (0
-4 UTC) we are past the deadline since the date is 1 August and the
time is after 17:30 EDT.

o External Proposals.  Matt Lister submitted VLBA/15A-022. How is this
possible given that only a PST admins should be able to create
external proposals.  A copy?  Rick does not think so.  It was created
before the CfP (old) and Rick says it was originally created by Toney.

o Server (  Load started rising around 9:30-10 MDT and
the system was unresponsive. Rick kicked the web server at 10:25 MDT.
Happened again around 13:00 MDT and it was kicked again..  After the
deadline the server was slow yet again. Is this related to pdf

o Safari.  Problems uploading files (source, scientific justification,
exposure calculator, and thesis plan).


1. Problem with using P-band.

2. Gustaaf and Emmanuel have items.

o GBT Resources.  

1. PDF file had the incorrect rest frequencies for VEGAS.  (This has
been fixed.)

2. Missed new requirement that users selecting Pulsar or Continuum
modes with VEGAS are allowed to use between 1-8 Spectrometers
(currently only 1 is allowed).  We need specific requirements (e.g.,
what about multiple beams?).

3. The GBT Spectrometer back-end is not trapped at validation.

o VLBA Resource Validation.  We get false validation errors when there
are some true errors.  When true errors are fixed the false errors

o Proposal/Email Duplicates.  

1. We are getting duplicate IDs (e.g., VLA/15A-210 and VLBA/15A-210).
This has happened in the past.

2. Jeremy Lim got two emails saying 15A-190 and 15A-191 were
submitted.  Yet only 15A-191 appears to have been submitted.
This has happened in the past.

o Abstract Count. We check the word count in two places: (1) on the
General Page; and (2) during validation. It appears that we are using
third party software on the client and server (Javascript and Java,
respectively) and they are doing the counting differently.  We want
this to be consistent.

o Joint Proposals.  Some questions about where to place HST technical

               Software View (Rick L.)

The first 4 may require some management input:

1. Jasper update or replacement
2. User DB
3. GOST bug fixes or port to PST
4. PST converted from Ant to Maven build and library upgrades
5. Author reordering
6. Any other Visiting Committee recommendations by priority

Critical bug fixes

1. 0-length file, file content, and Safari issue - validation and
error message on upload
2. User (non-Admin) submitting or copying an external proposal
3. Reopen calendar issue for grace period fix (the day-before issue)
4. Word count accuracy and consistency between client and server

My initial thoughts on a schedule:

8/1-10/15 Development (we're behind schedule)
10/15-11/1 Internal testing and fixes
11/1-12/1 Open testing and fixes
12/1-  Final cleanup

Most of these items we already have requirements on. Any new science
requirements should probably be completed by 9/15 so that they can be
worked on prior to the 10/15 deadline. Of course, I'm sure there will
be some late ones based on science offering.

-- DanaBalser - 2014-08-27
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