Notes for August 2013

Items for Plan of Record

  • Review Items:
    • Allow proposers to see their disposition letters; this could be done either through the proposal view page or the proposal list page.
    • Editable (restricted) access to the public and allocated_hours fields, so somebody like Joan can get that information into the system for non-PHT (DDT) proposals.
    • There is a bug in the SRP consensus comment section. The reviewers have edited this field and sometimes input either None or the actual technical reviews. Since we do not want this included a PST admin will attempt to remove it. This has created a second entry into the database. The consensus reviews initially worked this way but we have since changed this behavior. So this appears to be a bug.

Notes from TAC meeting:


  • When filtering on proposals all telescopes within a proposal should be listed (e.g. a VLBA proposal that also asks for the GBT should be listed under GBT and VLBA). Perhaps this could be fixed when the statistics are fixed in terms of proposal counts for proposals that ask for more than one telescope.


  • TAC Summary Page
    • When the GBT is selected to filter proposals the VLBA proposals that include the GBT as a station should be included. Maybe (GBT+VLBA filter).
    • It would be useful to display the list of proposals for a given telescope simultaneously. For example, multiple tabs for each of the telescopes so one could move back and forth quickly. This issue arises when you are going though, for example, the GBT proposals and need to reference a VLA proposal.
  • Large Proposals
    • Proposals can be indicated as large proposals with less than 200 hours (e.g., 13B-112). I think this is because there can be joint proposals and the total time of all telescopes can be larger than 200 hours, and hence large, but the time for any given proposal might be less than 200 hours. So wanted to allow the user to select large even if the total time for a given proposal is less than 200 hours. Anyway to check if the total time is > 200 hours? I don't think so since there is no reference to these proposals.


  • Currently there is no way (at least that I could find) of showing which proposals are joint proposals in the PST. During the TAC meeting earlier this week we missed catching one joint proposal. We need a way of showing which proposals are joint proposals (preferably via the search options) in the PST.

-- DanaBalser - 2012-11-29
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