Notes for August 2012

Items for Plan of Record

  • GBT Emails: As Carl's tool is replaces there needs to be a change in emails. (Talk with ToneyMinter.)
  • Import Sessions: Add the capability of importing sessions the way that sources are imported. This is a bit tricky since Sessions depend on sources and resources. Also, the GBT behaves differently than does the EVLA/VLBA/HSA.
  • Export Sources: When a proposal has been submitted the export button is disabled. It would be useful to keep this so a user could directly export an old source list. Currently you can do this by copying a proposal to a draft and then exporting the draft, but this takes more clicks and is not always obvious.
  • Student Support Page:
    • Add a mechanism to export SOS information.
    • We need to rethink the current SOS page which is confusing. Discussions with JeffMangum were leaning toward the following model. Remove "Requesting Investigator", the "Student Support PI" must be at a US institution (which may be NRAO), and the "Student" must be at a US institution. The software should check for these constraints and the documentation should be updated to reflect these changes (it is even now out of date).
    • Update documentation: From JeffMangum

Change Section in help documentation, "other related awards" subsection, to read:

Other Related Awards:
    Any current or pending awards that the student or the advisor have should be listed here. 

Also, in the "Student Support" section of the proposal the instructions under the "Related Awards" field should read:

"Please list for the SOS award requester and student only all current and pending awards (NSF/NASA/other).  
 Provide the amount, role (PI or CoI? ), funding agency, title, and period of performance for each award."

Items for Review

  • Triggered Proposals: We need a way to separate out the triggering criteria for the reviewers.
  • SRP Flag: We need a way for the SRP panel to flag proposals in which they have issues before the TAC meeting.
  • TAC Conflicts: We need a list of TAC conflicts to the TAC before the TAC meeting.
  • Thesis: It is not always clear the relevance of the thesis to the proposal.
    • Add a trap when copying proposals to not include the thesis when copying authors. We need to inform the user that this is the case.
    • When a user is adding a thesis plan to a proposal force them to add the year of thesis completion.
    • The thesis plan should say how the observations will help toward the thesis. That is, a generic thesis plan should not be submitted. We need to communicate to users that thesis plans that do not describe how the NRAO observations are relevant will not benefit.

-- DanaBalser - 2012-02-02
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