Meeting Minutes (30 June 2010)

Attending: DanaBalser, GarethHunt, ToneyMinter, MarkClaussen, BarryClark, ClaireChandler, TimBastian, StephanWitz, OpenSky (Jean, Ashish)

  • Helpdesk Issues: The new helpdesk system seemed to work fine. There was no major discussion of the helpdesk tickets. Many were informational (e.g., questions about the EVLA modes) or know issues (e.g, NED/SIMBAD bug). About the same number of helpdesk tickets were submitted as the last two cycles.
  • Status Update
    1. User/PST Database: This has been completed and replicated to Socorro, Green Bank, and Charlottesville. There were some issues with the replication a few days ago. OpenSky will send an email with instructions.
    2. PST Referee: The PST is currently being used by referees in Socorro. The process goes as follows: proposal groups are assigned to each referee by NRAO staff; the referee logs into and clicks on the referee tab to view the appropriate proposals; the referee enters information into two text boxes; the referee can save information and return later; the referee submits their report. There is a check that the referee will not see any proposal where they are an author but there are no other tests for conflicts of interest. Currently the referee information, including the score, is input into the legacy system manually. So far Socorro is in the middle of this process. There have been some questions and proposed enhancements but the process is going reasonably well.
  • Plan of Record
    1. Proposal Handling: The proposal OSO working group is reorganizing the proposal handling system. There are two items relevant to the PST: updating the PST refereeing system to incorporate the new panel system being developed; and incorporating joint proposals. Currently, the requirements for these items have not been completed. There will be a meeting in mid-July to discuss these issues and decide whether any work should be done this cycle.
    2. Telescope Resources:
      • EVLA - maybe some minor changes.
      • VLBA - maybe some minor changes.
      • GBT - refinements for KFPA receiver and possibly a new GBT sensitivity calculator.
    3. CASA Tab: The plan is to change the CASA tab to a more general "Data Processing" tab that provides links to the various software pages. There was a brief discussion about an archive tab, or that in general the archive was not well represented on There is a link on the dashboard but it does not authenticate automatically and is somewhat obscure.
    4. Observer Intent: Better information about observer intent in the general page would provide important data that could be used by pipelines. It was not clear how this information would pass through the current system and if the PST was the correct place for this information (e.g., OPT?).
    5. NED/SIMBAD: When extracting information from the NED/SIMBAD server the velocity field is corrupted with reference information. The current workaround is to allow the user to edit this field and then save the results. It would be good to fix this problem. GarethHunt and OpenSky will track down the relevant people and see if this can be fixed. StephanWitz should be kept in the loop.
    6. Proposal Titles: Long titles get truncated. The current length is 80 characters. This should be enforced on the general page and users should not be able to save titles that exceed this limit.
    7. Position Errors: Errors were found in source positions. MarkClaussen will forward this information to the group.

-- DanaBalser - 2010-06-29

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