Meeting Minutes (28 Oct 2010)

Attending: DanaBalser, GarethHunt, MarkClaussen, JoanWrobel, StephanWitz, BarryClark, ClaireChandler, LoriAppel, TimBastian, OpenSky (Jean, Ashish), ToneyMinter, KarenONeil, BryanButler

  • Helpdesk Issues: There was a very low volume of tickets with no major outstanding issues.
  • Plan of Record:
    1. New proposal evaluation and time allocation process. We reviewed issues brought up by OpenSky on v2.0 of the requirements document.
      • Time-line: we agreed to move the test date for B items from 6 Dec 2010 to 15 Dec 2010.
      • XML: we agreed that two XML files will be generated by OpenSky. One will contain the new format (Socorro), and the other will maintain the current format (Green Bank). The new XML will be bigger with additional information. Once we iterate on the current work OpenSky will produce a specification document for the XML.
      • Section 1.2-1.4: we agreed that the PST needs to be backwards compatible vis-a-vis the old trimester names, proposal types, and science categories.
      • Section 1.6: the PST currently list if a proposal is in support of thesis research for one or more graduate students. This item was included for completeness.
      • Section 1.7: there will be a copy of the sessions information that can be modified by NRAO called "Modified Sessions". The XML will contain both the original sessions (called "Sessions") and the modified sessions. We need to resolve how to handle the printouts.
      • Section 3.4: we need to provide information on when the PST will automatically assign proposals to the SRP members. We agreed that this will be finalized manually and the PST should not send any emails.
      • Section 3.10: we need to resolve who should receive emails when the referee has finished reviewing a proposal. So far we have:,, and
      • Section 3.11: we agreed that the PST should only allow users to select valid proposals when specifying related proposals. But there should be an option to specify a proposal ID that existed before the PST (e.g., other). A vaild proposal may or may not have been accepted for scheduling. The PST should search on both the normal code name and the legacy code name.
    2. Telescope resources
      • EVLA: OSRO 1 and 2 will be converted to a single resource and should be simplified. But we need to manage rapid response proposals differently as has been done in the past. MarkClaussen will update the plan of record next week.
      • VLBA: 2 Gbits/sec mode will be added. MarkClaussen will update the plan of record next week.
      • GBT: a shared risk W-band receiver will be added. The new spectrometer will be added. ToneyMinter will have the specs sometime in December.
    3. Add new users to proposals: we agreed to table this issue for now but will keep it in the plan of record under background task for future reference.
    4. Misc
      • Student support: TimBastian will follow up on whether undergraduates can be considered for student support.
      • Target of Opportunity: we agreed that contact authors should have an email and telephone number for the proposal to validate. We get lots of bounces and we need a human to eventually correct these problems.

-- DanaBalser - 2010-10-27
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