Meeting Minutes (26 Nov 2007)

Attending: DanaBalser, AmyShelton, MarkClaussen, NicoleRadziwill, AshishArte, JeanGeorge

Review MRs

  • Add Plan of Dissertation - We agreed to force the student to register.
  • Add 2 review categories and provide ability to search on review categories - t is unlikely that more than two codes would be required in the future. It is necessary to be able to sort and print on these codes.
  • Adjust automatic rollover of trimester - We need Dale to sign the MR.
  • Establish Process for NRAO staff to be able to update Dashboard content - OpenSky will put something together involving the wiki for us to test.
  • Table structure refactoring and replication of databases to sites - OpenSky will finalize this by 21 Dec 2007.
  • Provide open read-only access to PST database for GB software staff - We need to decide how to get at this info: download data? query database directly? AmyShelton will discuss this with the software group in GB.
  • Add VLA Sub-Arrays - This is important but it will have to wait until the next cycle.
  • Make Resources Configurable by Science Operations Staff at Sites - This will be delayed until next cycle.
  • Add VLBA and HSA - MarkClaussen, JoanWrobel, and ClaireChandler all agreed that this MR should wait until next cycle. A beta version will be developed and tested but the users will submit proposals under the current system.
  • Improve Structure of Zip files with Printed Proposals - This is basically done. A few minor changes are required.
  • Minor Improvements to Author/Institution, Login/Registration and Science Justification - OpenSky will work on these improvements.
  • Add more rules to validation checking - There were no well documented rules in the database; they are in the code. Therefore, OpenSky will add rules to the MR as they are determined and include any additional rules.
  • Update Documentation - DanaBalser and MarkClaussen will check links to ancillary documentation and check PST documentation by 15 Jan 2008.

Background Tasks

  • Prototype for Better Handling of Sources, Resources, Sessions - We will explore several ideas from different people on this issue.
  • Add more variables to analytics display - Not a high priority but maybe add a page view logger.
  • Source catalogs - Explore the ability to create GBT source catalogs from the PST database.

Additional Topics

  • VLA Dynamic Scheduling - MarkClaussen will check if a we need to add a button for dynamic scheduling in the PST.
  • Comment Field - Create new MR to be able to add a comment field that is associated with a proposal. This will be used by the PSC to add comments about specific proposals. Only a few people will have access to this information.

-- DanaBalser - 26 Nov 2007
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