Meeting Minutes (26 February 2010)

Attending: DanaBalser, GarethHunt, NicoleRadziwill, MarkClaussen, ToneyMinter, BarryClark, ClaireChandler, JoanWrobel, BryanButler, DaleFrail, OpenSky (Jean, Ashish)

  • Helpdesk Issues
    • Administrative Issues. There continue to be administrative problems (~10) each cycle, although we were down to 7 for the February deadline. Some of the problems are clearly user error and we will probably never get these down to zero. One problem appears to be related to duplicate accounts and the user having the wrong email address. Or the domain name is different (e.g., instead of OpenSky does perform error checks for java scripts.
    • Email: The email that is sent when a proposal is submitted should be bcc.
    • Galactic Coordinates: We added Galactic (and Ecliptic) coordinates for EVLA and VLBA proposals. We did not implement the decimal degree format, however, and this caused problems with people who were using Galactic coordinates. There were issues with other programs in Socorro that were assuming equitorial coordinates. We had not implemented Galactic and Ecliptic coordinates for the GBT since this would cause problems with the current code that imports these data into the GBT DSS (CarlBignell's code). It was agreed that for the next cycle we will remove Galactic and Ecliptic coordinates and to not implement decimal degree format for all telescopes; we will add these features in the future.

  • Plan of Record
    • Split Database: OpenSky is in the process of replicating the current database in Socorro. They can replicate the database in Green Bank and Charlottesville. It was agreed that we should do this and replicate all data. The technical details will be worked out in another meeting.
    • EVLA/GBT/VLBA Resources:
      • EVLA - Minor fixes. We need to add 74 MHz. MarkClaussen will add these to the plan of record.
      • GBT - Possibly new GUPPI modes and other instruments could be retired; we should know the status in a month or so. The sensitivity calculator will not be ready this cycle.
      • VLBA - Maybe small changes (add 2 GB per second mode).
    • Student Support Page: minor changes requested by TimBastian.
    • Proposal Handling: The proposal process is being reorganized and incremental changes will be made to the PST over the next year or so. Two request were made this cycle. (Eventually we want to add VLBI global network proposal to the PST but not this cycle).
      1. A single mechanism will be required for joint proposals. Currently a user must submit a proposal for each telescope even if the proposal is a joint proposal. BryanButler and ClaireChandler will draft the requirements by 8 February.
      2. Add scientific referee reviews in the same framework as the technical reviews. MarkClaussen will draft these requirements by 8 February.
    • New Helpdesk: we plan to move the PST helpdesk to the new NRAO helpdesk sometime in March. OpenSky will provide ClaireChandler with their account information. DanaBalser will check that all PST helpdesk links are changed.
    • Other: The project builder tool uses the source and resource information located in the PST to create sessions in the OPT. Although this basically worked there were some problems. We need to rationalize the XML schema. OpenSky will do this by 12 February.

-- DanaBalser - 2010-02-26

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