Meeting Minutes (25 March 2008)

Attending: DanaBalser, NicoleRadziwill, RonMaddalena, CarlBignell, ToneyMinter, JeanGeorge, AshishArte, BryanButler, JoanWrobel, LoriAppel, MarkClaussen, BarryClark

There are limited funds until the end of the fiscal year. Therefore the two largest MR's (GBT resources and full incorporation of the VLBA) may not be completed for the June release.

Review MRs

  • Configurable Resources/Add 2 New GBT Resources: GB is loosing several people which will exacerbate the problems with technical reviews. OpenSky notes that if some funds are available they may be able to start on a prototype but that even with sufficient funds they would plan to release a test version first. We might be able to alleviate the problem by enlisting people from CV to help with the technical reviews. Currently we need to add two new resources: MUSTANG and the Z-spectromter. OpenSky needs additional info from GB about the Z-spectrometer. ToneyMinter will specify the parameters for this back end by 31 March.

  • VLBA/HSA Submission: Full incorporation of the VLBA into the PST (plan A in the MR) may not be a significant amount of work. MarkClaussen will finish this MR by the end of 26 March. If OpenSky can include the VLBA with the funding constraints then it will be added for the June 1 release; otherwise proposals will be submitted using the traditional method. That is, plan B of this MR will not be implemented.

  • Improve Data Flow to Socorro: OpenSky will look into ways to make the database accessible to the sites. Read only access is fine but programmable capabilities are desirable.

  • VLA sub-arrays: OpenSky can implement the current MR within the current fiscal constraints. MarkClaussen will check that this MR is accurate by 31 March.

  • Relax constraints on S/R/S and add Editing: Although this may impact the MR concerning configurable resources it was felt that this MR could alleviate some of the user problems with the tool and be completed within the fiscal constraints.

  • Review refereeing capabilities: This is put on a lower priority and has been moved to the background tasks.

  • List and Select Institutions/Authors: The main goal here is to give users access to these lists to help mitigate some of the problems we have had with adding authors and institutions. There was some concern about privacy but only name and institution will be listed.

Additional Topics

  • Proposal Writing: On 10-17 June 2008 there will be a proposal writing school at the AOC that will use the PST. JoanWrobel will inform us about user accounts before 10 June.

  • Large Proposals: OpenSky needs to know if we are accepting large proposals for the June 2008 release. The web page says: "The next Large Proposal deadline is on June 2, 2008." JoanWrobel confirms that we are accepting large proposals.

-- DanaBalser - 25 Mar 2008
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