Meeting Minutes (20 October 2009)

Attending: DanaBalser, GarethHunt, NicoleRadziwill, MarkClaussen, ToneyMinter, BarryClark, BryanButler, JulesHarnett

  • Helpdesk Issues / Feedback Survey
    1. Many issues with sessions. We revisited whether or not sessions could be removed from the PST. For the proposal selection committee we still need information now captured by the sessions page: LST, frequency, and receiver distributions. Regardless, this cannot happen until the GBT moves away from Carl's database. DanaBalser will point people to an old proposal. BarryClark will point people to code that converts a source list to sessions. For this cycle we agree to improve the documentation.
    2. There was some confusion over triggered observing and rapid response. It was suggested we have better tool tips.
    3. Still problems with SIMBAD/NED server. There appears to be two options: try to mirror sesame service at NRAO or reproduce this service. The latter would require a significant effort, while the former has not gotten us very far in the past. There are no other such services to our knowledge. It was suggested that maybe a summer student could work on reproducing this service.
    4. Some issues with copying proposals. We should validate at the copying stage and provide feedback.
    5. Still issues with duplicate accounts. It was suggested that we should add another check before someone adds a new author that forces the user to make sure the author is not already in the database (we can provide a list of potential authors). Also, provide a place to include any new email address.

  • Plan of Record
    1. Source Velocity: No major comments. The interested parties will look at this more carefully.
    2. New Tabs: It was agreed that we should add new tabs at that would include the OPT and DSS. The tab would have a short description and links to the tools.
    3. Split Database: All agreed the time was ripe for this change. We need a good backup strategy. NicoleRadziwill will work on this MR.
    4. New Resources: Not much planned for EVLA/VLBA. Maybe receiver changes for GBT and some GUPPI changes. DanaBalser will add this MR.
    5. Misc. DanaBalser will add a misc. MR to include several items: improve documentation, validation when copying proposals, and improvements to duplicate problem).
    6. Extract Proposal Info: We need an interface control document (e.g, XML schema) to provide information on how to extract proposal information. BryanButler will add this MR.
    7. Referee User: After testing of the current implementation for technical reviews we will meet to discuss the feedback (about 1 month). After this we will reassess the path forward to implement this for scientific referees. DanaBalser will create a placeholder MR that will be populated by MarkClaussen and others as necessary.

-- DanaBalser - 2009-10-09

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