Meeting Minutes (19 February 2009)

Attending: DanaBalser, NicoleRadziwill, StephanWitz, MarkClaussen, BarryClark, DavidHarland, JoanWrobel, OpenSky (Ashish, Steve, Paul), RonMaddalena, ToneyMinter, DanPerera


  1. Discuss upcoming resource changes for all telescopes.
    • EVLA - Nothing for next cycle. But new widar correlator for Oct 2009. MarkClaussen will think about any changes to VLA sub-arrays and will get back to us with any plans.
    • VLBA - Maybe DiFX correlator. MarkClaussen will look into this.
    • GBT - Add in all high frequency receivers. Mustang (Brian); Guppi (Scott); Zspectrometer (Karen) will move from expert to normal usage and may require changes. DanaBalser will get any new requirements. A new sensitivity calculator is under development and will require some mechanism for input/output to the PST. We should probably know by mid-June about the time frame but this will probably be ready for the Oct 2009 release.
  2. Affirm that PST API is top priority and check to make sure it.
    • This is a top priority and OpenSky expects to have something ready to test in about two weeks. We should focus on EVLA needs first since the GBT DSS will not require this feature until later. AshishArte will send the xml data to DavidHarland and NicoleRadziwill will look into getting the schema from CarlBignell. We should not make any changes in the schema now since CarlBignell is retiring. User groups should be implemented within a couple of weeks.
  3. We need to check and see why Referee users didn’t get in; make a plan for making sure they do this time!
    • AshishArte has all the specifications and this should be ready to test in about one month. The goal is to have this working for the June 2009 release. It should work for the VLA, VLBA, and GBT (although the GBT will migrate to this system for the October 2009 release or later).
  4. Talk about authors issue-re: implementing an "OR" search and why you have to click on Authors to get it out of the infinite loop.
    • AshishArte could not reproduce this problem but it appears to occur quite frequently. It will be a high priority to fix this problem. It was noted that there are too many registrations (duplicates). Resources could be available this summer to remove duplicates. Also, AshishArte will change the name search logic from 'AND' to 'OR'.

Additional Items

  1. Currently the parameters for sources does not include the velocity definition and reference frame and therefore is not complete for exporting to any secondary tool, for example. This will be added as a background task.
  2. We continue to have problems with the Ned/Simbad search. One solution is to host a mirror. NicoleRadziwill will look into the policy issues for a mirror.
  3. There were network problems that appeared to be isolated in the west (AOC and Colorado). During this period people from the east coast, Texas, and China were able to connect. One hypothesis is a router problem in the west.
  4. There are issues with the ability to located and print Student Support pages. CarlBignell and LoriAppel will be consulted to make this process easier.
  5. There was an issue with large/joint proposals whereupon a proposal is defined as large if the number of hours from all telescopes combined is greater than 200 hours. Yet separate proposals must be submitted and the PST checks at validation that every large proposal is greater than 200 hours. The proposed fix is to remove this constraint only for large proposals that are also joint proposals.
  6. There were rapid response proposal that had emails with no information about their type. The subject and body of these emails should indicate that they are indeed rapid response proposals. There was some discussion about this information being stripped from the email. (There used to be two exploders: toosoc and exploresoc. The later has been removed.) Who is going to look into this problem?

-- DanaBalser - 2009-02-17
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