Meeting Minutes (16 June 2009)

Attending: DanaBalser, NicoleRadziwill, BarryClark, BryanButler, ClaireChandler, RonMaddalena, ToneyMinter, OpenSky (Jean, Ashish)

  • Helpdesk Issues
    1. Processing problems near deadline: About 10 minutes before the deadline a user was trying to upload a scientific justification and was having problems. The user reloaded this many times quickly thereby increasing the load on the system. OpenSky recognized this problem, called the user in question, and deleted these processes. Nevertheless, it caused problems with the PST for several minutes right before the deadline. OpenSky will investigate why there were problems with this particular file and install a "Governor" to limit these problems in the future.
    2. NED/Simbad search problems: We continue to have problems with the search tool. It was exacerbated this deadline due to a change in syntax and an error in one of the fields. The problems have been with the service provided by NED/Simbad. One solution would be to have a local copy. But it is not clear how many people are using the tool successfully compared to those that are having problems. OpenSky will investigate the logs to determine these numbers. Also, they will add text that better describes the problem to the users.
    3. Password change process: We continue to have problems with users trying to change their password. From the logs it appears that some users are entering the old password even though we tell them that they have to enter a new password. All of the users that have complained eventually entered a new password (that is, OpenSky did not change these for them). OpenSky will make the text more clear that a different password must be entered in order to login.
    4. Duplicates: It is not clear if the duplicate problem is now at a reasonable level. But there are not many hits of the Author page list; therefore, we should do a better job of advertising this page. Also, more intelligent pattern matching could be added. It was noted that ALMA was planning on forcing all authors to register first and this might justify our adopting the same policy. Past experience indicates that our users may not accept this condition. NicoleRadziwill further investigate the current ALMA policy.

  • Plan of Record
    1. EVLA/WIDAR: this resource has to be added for the next deadline. (Although the VLA correlator resource will have to be kept until the end of the year.) There will need to be three different users: open shared risk observers (OSRO), resident shared risk observers (RSRO), and EVLA commissioning staff observers (ECSO). For OSRO, the WIDAR modes will be fixed and can be accommodated by tables. For RSRO and ECSO a text box will be needed to allow the user to specify these details. For RSRO there needs to be an extra 2 pages allowed to justify their residency and budget.
    2. VLBA/DiFX: it is still unknown when this new correlator will be available for general use. First there will probably be an exploratory period and therefore we have some flexibility in the VLBA resource page.
    3. GBT: currently no changes for the GBT. The sensitivity calculator will not be ready until Feb 2010. When included in the resource page other changes will be necessary. At most we will change the current link for the Oct 2009 deadline.
    4. Web services: these require a schema and a mechanism to extract information between different users (PST,OPT,TAC, etc.). The user schema is essentially ready. Work is required for the proposal schema.
    5. Sources: there was some concern over the different formats and the accuracy of source coordinates. The OPT should be able to handle different formats and the accuracy should be checked at the OPT stage and not the PST stage. Source velocity reference frame and definition should be added.
    6. Referee users: MarkClaussen and LoriAppel will work on this in the next few weeks and get feedback to OpenSky.

-- DanaBalser - 2009-06-16

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