Meeting Minutes (14 October 2008)

Attending: DanaBalser, NicoleRadziwill, MarkClaussen, LoriAppel, StephanWitz, CarlBignell, ToneyMinter, RonMaddalena, AshishArte, SteveRiley

Review of Help Desk Issues

  1. PST Timeout Issues. It was agreed that some timeout period was necessary and most applications have a timeout period. Currently the timeout period is 60 minutes and there was no proposal to change this period. It was proposed that (i) when changing pages the PST should prompt users if they want to save any edits or cancel before they are directed to the other page; and (ii) a mechanism would be developed to auto save drafts every 10 minutes.
  2. User Interface. Most of the issues were minor enhancements (e.g., make it easier to submit, etc.) and it was agreed that OpenSky should proceed to make improvements for these items. There are two exceptions:
    • The ability to copy sections of proposals to another proposal. This was thought to be a reasonable request except for the session page which is tied to sources and resources. This utility would be nice to have but is not a high priority.
    • Allowing the user to specify LST and telescope (or longitude) instead of GST for VLBA/HSA sessions. Most users seemed okay with GST and it was agreed that we would take no action on this now.
  3. Others Issues.
    • When importing many sources from a file with no group name specified a source group will be created for each source. It was agreed that if no source group is specified that a warning should be given.
    • An import/export source utility that is consistent with the telescope specific observing tool is desirable. Such a utility would resolve some of the issues users have with managing source lists. It was agreed to work on the MR this cycle. Who? When?

Review of Plan of Record

  1. Duplicates. Currently we have 164 duplicates based on names and 80+ based on emails. They mostly occur when email is sent to a user to register and they are confused about what to do. For example, they already have an account but they register again based on these emails. So we need to improve the email text and provide them information about any account that might already exist. Also, it was discussed that we could add more info into the Author search to help users find authors. We could also provide a warning if someone tries to register with an existing email address. It was proposed that co-authors automatically get emails when they are added/deleted from a proposal or when a proposal is submitted.
  2. VLA sub-arrays/Dual Frequencies. MarkClaussen will work on this MR at a low priority.
  3. Resources.
    • VLA/EVLA. Soon the PST will need to include Ka-band as an EVLA resource; the exact time is still uncertain. MarkClaussen will provide an MR by 31 October 2008.
    • GBT. There will be additional modes for GUPPI for the February 2009 deadline. Also, the K-band focal plane array will probably be ready for the October 2009 deadline. The GBT configurable resources proposal was discussed. This will not be considered for the February 2009 deadline. Although it was agreed that some help in this area was needed to aid in the technical reviews. Any changes should consider the Dynamic Scheduling System requirements.
    • VLBA/HSA. Any?
  4. Refereeing Capabilities. It was agreed that this should be discussed in a separate meeting and a more detailed MR be drafted.

-- DanaBalser - 13 Oct 2008
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