Meeting Minutes (12 Feb 2008) - Postmortem

Attending: NicoleRadziwill, DanaBalser, MarkClaussen, MichaelRupen, LoriAppel, CarlBignell, ToneyMinter, RonMaddalena, JeanGeorge

1. Help Desk Comments

  • Major Problem Areas:
    • Author Information: People unable to submit a proposal since they have incomplete author information. This mostly occurs when the institution is not valid which typically arises when a proposer adds an author who is not currently registered and does not update their profile before the proposer submits the proposal. The main reason for the constraint is for accurate NRAO summary reports. Is this a good constraint? Some felt that we should drop the constraint and correct the proposals after the deadline. Others felt we should enforce complete author information when adding an author. This issue was not resolved at the meeting.
    • Sources/Resources/Sessions: The main difficulty is that users are not aware of the constraints between these different pages (e.g., you cannot delete a resource that is used by a session). It was suggested that we could relax some of these constraints and provide the user with warnings but allow them to save the edited information. Also, adding some editing tools to allow users to copy, etc. would be useful.

  • Other Issues:
    • Slow PST Response: Some users claimed that the PST was slow to respond and that it was not on their end of the connection. It was difficult for OpenSky to track this down but during these times it did not appear that other users from different locations were having similar problems. It is therefore likely that the problem was not at the PST source.

2. Discuss Additions/Changes for June 2008

  • Data Flow: It was agreed that we would work with Barry Clark to help improve the data flow from the PST database to Barry's database.

  • Add VLBA/HSA: OpenSky will provide us with a prototype PST that includes the VLBA/HSA by 22 Feb 2008 and NRAO staff will evaluate this by 29 Feb 2008.

  • VLA/EVLA sub-arrays: MarkClaussen et al. will provide a short paragraph on how to include sub-arrays to sessions in the PST. The main issue is to include the appropriate resources for each sub-array and get the total time correct.

  • Configuration of Resource Page: It is desirable to allow the individual sites to configure the resources for each cycle and provide the framework for accurate technical reviews. The resources for the GBT tend to vary and currently the information is not sufficient for accurate technical reviews. A document exits of a model for the GBT that may be used by other telescopes. The document will be reviewed by OpenSky and Socorro for comments. Regardless, at least two new instruments need to be added to the GBT resource page.

  • Sources/Resources/Sessions: It was agreed that we will not significantly modify these pages until we have a better handle on 3 (see below). It was agreed that we would explore minor changes such as relaxing the constraints and the addition of editing tools (see above). It was noted that about half of the proposals do not have correct values for the LST range in the Sessions page and therefore it is important that sources be tied to Sessions.

  • Referee Users: It would be useful to add referee users to log-on and grade proposals that have been assigned to them. It was agreed that OpenSky would assess if this was feasible for next cycle. CarlBignell and MarkClaussen will provide requirements.

3. Future direction of PST---proposal to observing?

For the GBT it will not be necessary to provide observing information in the PST required to execute the science within the proposal. Secondary tools are being developed to allow users to schedule their observations, for example. The EVLA group is currently developing the observing and scheduling software and therefore they are not in a position yet to define any EVLA PST requirements.

-- DanaBalser - 12 Feb 2008
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