Meeting Minutes (09 October 2009)

Source Velocity Information

Attending: DanaBalser, MarkClaussen, DavidHarland, LorantSjouwerman, ToneyMinter

Source Velocity MR:

The main driving force behind the changes to the PST Source page is the EVLA OPT. Thus it was agreed that the folks in Socorro would refine the source velocity MR by the 20 Oct 2009 PST meeting. It is important that the current XML version is maintained so that this information can be imported into Carl Bignell's database which will be used by the GBT for approximately another year.

The following questions/issues were discussed during the meeting:

  1. The import file will have to be modified given the additional columns. Should we force everyone to add more columns or try to use defaults if the extra columns are not added? There are advantages and disadvantages for either choice. The general consensus was that if we were going to change the format now would be a good time as we go from the VLA to the EVLA. If possible this should be backwards compatible but this is not a show stopper. We need a check for the PST proposal copy function.
  2. The Doppler Type is indirectly indicated in the import file by the location of the value. Should this change? This should be changed.
  3. What changes will be required for NED/SIMBAD imports? It was felt that these services probably do not have complete source information (although this should be investigated). If so, it was proposed to either require the user to fill these fields in directly or to have a default that must be confirmed.
  4. I think the definition is only relevant for velocity and not redshift. How should this be handled? This should probably follow the OPT.
  5. What should be the precision of the source coordinates? This should be set by the VLBA (about 10 micro arcsec). This should not be changed for the GBT XML.
  6. How does the PST source information coordinate with the overall source catalog developed in Socorro? Since this will be developed by the folks in Socorro it should not be a problem.

There was some discussion of whether or not proper motions should be included in the source information. It was felt that this was not unreasonable but there should be limits (e.g., no ephemeris). If there is a big demand then we could add this field.

-- DanaBalser - 2009-10-07
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