Meeting Minutes (09 Oct 2007)

Review of bug reports [from Jean]

Four Critical Bugs remain to be fixed. There are additional Priority Bugs that need to be verified and Annoying Bugs. The help desk comments were mined and any additional bugs were placed into the Bug Tracker.

  • Major problem areas
    1. Author/Institution - It was surprising that we had so many problems here. It was suggested that we could add text to clarify how this works.
    2. Scientific Justification - Much of this was caused by the preview. Possible improvements might be to allow the user to click on an image to download. Work could also be done to clear up the cache.
    3. Login/Registration - Many of these problems were caused by the inability to migrate passwords which required everyone to re-register. Since only a small fraction of the total user database has registered this is still a problem. It was suggested that we could add some text to clarify why re-registration is requried. Also we must figure out a better way to handle duplicate user IDs.
    4. Sessions Page - General confusion about this page.

  • Additional comments summarized by Joan
    1. Brief progress reports on software development to the proposal helpdesk, e.g. weekly, would be useful.
    2. Everyone in proposal helpdesk should have been evaluating release candidates.
    3. Helpdesk people must be continually updated on any “news”.
    4. Ashish was remarkably responsive.
    5. Idea of regular rollouts at 9pm each day was a good one.
    6. Concern that emails were not reliable until 9/25. The system problems have been fixed but general reliability of emails is still an issue. We need to think about a human-led process for ensuring data integrity.
    7. The PST was very “wobbly” the Friday before the deadline but this was fixed in system configuration, and Monday went extremely well.

Proposal Handling

Carl and Lori have provided feedback to Open Sky. Overall the process went well for Carl and he spent much less time processing proposals than in the past. There were some problems such as investigators with no institutions, a proposal with no observing type, etc. Lori had some problems with batch printing and she had to wait for the database to be sent. Both had problems with the administrative timeout being too short. Open Sky will look into this.

Future Development

For February 2008 Deadline:

  1. Enable Dashboard access by NRAO staff (may be limited staff at first; exact mechanism to do this TBD)
  2. New proposal handling features. Specifically to be able to assign 1-2 review categories to each proposal, and be able to sort submitted proposals based on this.
  3. Add Plan of Dissertation. This should be attached to user information, not proposal information. This requires SAA policy input (e.g., page limit).
  4. Softening timing of automatic rollover to next trimester; this requires SAA policy input.
  5. Resource page configurable by telescope operations.
  6. Continuous improvement elements (things that don’t impact users in general, but do impact maintainability)
    1. Refine PST table structure/improve data integrity, keeping Project Data Model in mind.
    2. Replication of database information to the sites. [Added by Nicole]
  • Major elements of development for next TWO cycles. Note that what distinguishes these items from the ones above is that these require additional work in requirements and specifications development before implementation can proceed. As a result, we can't definitively schedule them until we have more details and an estimate from the development team.
    1. Add VLBA/HSA. Note 1
    2. Revamped Sessions. Note 2
    3. Include dynamic scheduling info (including VLA subarrays). Note 1
  • Items that would be nice but not essential
    1. More analytics.
    2. More proposal handling other than what was mentioned above.

Note 1 - Requirements from one site.

Note 2 - Requirements from multiple sites.

Tentative Schedule (please provide comments below)

  • Oct 1 - Oct 19: Open Sky ties up loose ends, bug fixes from October proposal deadline
  • Oct 20 - Nov 25: Take a break; no PST work other than requirements development by NRAO
  • Nov 26 - Dec 21 (4 weeks development). What can we get expect to done during this window, Jean?
  • Jan 2 - Mock-up available for preview?
  • Jan 9 - Release Candidate available for User Acceptance Testing
  • Jan 16 - Release of PST v2.1
  • Jan 16 through Jan 25 - 9pm updates based on initial feedback

New Features/Updates

Note: These are candidates for completion by February 2008; this list must be discussed at 10/9 meeting.

  1. Add VLBA to PST.
  2. Update PST tables.
  3. Resource Page configurable by telescope operations staff.
  4. Allow Dashboard updates by NRAO staff.
  5. Session Page improvements or removal.
  6. Include plan of dissertation.
  7. Include dynamic scheduling.
  8. Additional/Improved Proposal Handling features.
  9. Additional Analytics.
  10. New requirements for EVLA.

-- DanaBalser - 02 Nov 2007
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