Meeting Minutes (08 March 2012)

Attending: DanaBalser, TimBastian, GarethHunt, OpenSky (Ashish), KarenONeil, ToneyMinter, MarkClaussen, BarryClark

  • Review Helpdesk Tickets:
    • Server Issues: We had server problems when uploading/viewing large source lists. There was also some other bugs that were revealed.
      1. When a large source list is uploaded they are not grouped properly. This bug has been fixed.
      2. During the server problems people double-clicked the submit button causing multiple emails. This has been fixed. A future enhancement would be to prevent people from double clicking.
      3. The server issue was not caused by uploading a large source list but when viewing a large source list connected to multiple sessions. There is a fix for this problem but it needs additional testing.
  • Current Work:
    • Server Issues: There is a fix for this problem but it requires additional testing (OpenSky, DanaBalser).
    • Reviews: Test these items after the SRP reviews have been submitted (21 March) (OpenSky, DanaBalser).
      1. TAC Page Science Category: During the review process NRAO, in some cases, alters the science category for a proposal. This NRAO-vetted science category should be displayed on the TAC summary page.
      2. TAC Page and Conflicts:
        • We want to change the conflict constraints for the TAC page. Conflicts will only include self-declared conflicts and conflicts where the reviewer is an author on the proposal. So institutional conflicts should not be used here.
        • There should not be any lock-out of proposals. That is, even if a reviewer is conflicted they should be allowed to access the proposal.
        • There were some conflict errors detected during the TAC meeting. Towards the end of the TAC meeting no reviewer could access proposals. MarkClaussen will provide some information to OpenSky.
    • GBT Resource Validation: A scheme from the GBT sensitivity calculator is used to provide more accurate and consistent resource validation. Work has been done but it is not quite ready. We need to assess if this should be done by OpenSky before the transition or after. We will discuss this at the transition meeting.
    • Authors/Institutions:
      1. Authors: currently 116 users (A-I) have been de-duped. We should finish this effort within the next month (DanaBalser).
      2. Institutions: We need to fix or update some institution information, and make sure all users have a default institution. We discussed if we should add a temporary institution that could be used for proposals but the main user of institutional information is Metrics, and we felt that we could manually correct this information on the necessary timescales. We need to confirm that PST administrators are receiving the emails to add institution when requested by users. We should be able to complete these items within the next month (GarethHunt, OpenSky).
    • Unresolved Helpdesk Tickets: Review and close out any remaining helpdesk tickets (All).

-- DanaBalser - 2012-03-05
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