Meeting Minutes (26 September 2013)

Attending: DanaBalser, ToneyMinter, PaulMarganian, DavidFrayer, JoanWrobel, MarkClaussen, RickLively, JenPlanck, RickAn, GarethHunt

We discussed the Plan of Record for 14B proposals (3 Feb 2014 deadline):

Main topics of discussion:

  • VLA Resources: Waiting for list of items from BryanButler.
  • GBT Resources:
    • Some minor VEGAS updates.
    • If VEGAS works well we will remove the Spectrometer and Spectral Processor from the back-end list. The time scale will be closer to the call for proposals. This should not be difficult to do in the PST.
    • No GB effort to finish the requirements for resource validation. Move this to next semester.
  • VLBA Resources:
    • Some small resource changes.
    • We had some discussion of creating a validation table for the resources. This is a significant amount of work and we need to know other major task before we decide if we work on this item for 14B.
  • GMVA Resources:
    • Add GBT as a specific telescope.
  • Sponsored Proposals: The WVU proposals will be sponsored (not external) proposals. ToneyMinter will send requirements. One question to be resolved is how do we prevent people from submitting sponsored proposals who should not be submitting them? We do get a list from WVU. Also, whatever is implemented should be extensible to other telescopes and sponsors.
  • External Proposals: Gareth will take the feeback from MarkClaussen and ToneyMinter and revise the current requirements. One question is do we want to include all proposals (not just the accepted proposals)? The consensus is that we should include them all (e.g., to track proposal pressure). ToneyMinter already does this for the GBT.
  • DDT Proposals and Resources: There was discussion whether we should develop the code to better handle DDT proposals and resources. The issue is that the available resources may be different for a DDT proposal compared to a Regular proposal. Given the large changes from semester to semester in recent years this has caused problems. It is not clear how best to resolve this issue. We could tie the semester to the resource. We expect such changes to settle down for the VLA.
  • JIRA: Currently there are many tickets in JIRA. These need to be prioritized, especially for October which starts soon. DanaBalser will go through the list. Right now October is too full and we need to move items to the backlog.

We will meet in two weeks (10 October 2013) for another discussion of requirements.

-- DanaBalser - 2013-09-26
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