Meeting Minutes (24 October 2013)

Attending: DanaBalser, JoanWrobel, RickLively, JenPlanck, DanielLyons, BarryClark, RickAn, ToneyMinter, DavidFrayer., ClaireChandler, GarethHunt

  • PHT 14A
    • We discussed the creation of the disposition letters in the PHT. Some work has already be done. GB would like to be able to print all letters for vetting. A text file is okay and this should be doable. The goal is to have a test version ready before the next TTA meeting.

  • PST 14B
    • List from Bryan Bulter (mostly VLA/VLBA)
      • Print Preview/PDF:
        • Formatting changes:
          • Move exposure calc. screen shot to end of technical justification.
          • GB added to fix gaps caused by adding VEGAS for GBT.
        • Problems printing: a JIRA ticket already exists.
      • Technical Justification: many changes were requested, mostly involving adding text to the queues and some new text boxes. BryanButler will provide an example technical justification page for the VLA an VLBA. There is still clearly overlap between the resources/sessions pages and the technical justification page. This causes confusion but it is not clear how best to resolve this problem without a significant effort.
      • Technical Review: a request that the technical justification section be reproduced, with a simple “OK?” checkbox next to each of the boxes, then the two existing comment boxes (comments to PI, comments to TAC). It seems that we should have the same model for all telescope. GB thought this would be more work. There may be an issue with real estate on the SRP and TAC pages. We agreed to discuss this next semester.
      • VLA Resource changes: minor updates
      • VLBA Resources changes: minor updates
      • GMVA Resource changes: minor updates
      • DDT/Regular Resources: there is already a JIRA Ticket to try to handle the resources better between DDT and Regular proposals.
      • Data Rate/Volume: it would be useful to display the total data rate and volume (at least) on the cover sheet (General page top right). Since we are still using the external program GOST this cannot be automatically done for some VLA proposals. For the GBT we can only calculate it for VEGAS. We will put this off until a future date but it was agreed that this would be useful for the review process.
    • VLBA Resource Validation. We agreed to put this off until next semester.
    • Import all External Proposals into the PST: GarethHunt is working to revise the requirements.
    • Sort Column and Filter Settings: there were several request for changes in this area from TAC members, User Group members, etc. There is a proposal in the PoR that was agreed upon.
    • Remove Print Preview Page: the print preview page causes problems and it really is not a preview of the printed version. It was suggested that we remove this page and use the PDF instead. There was some concern that people use this page (e.g., Barry said he uses it as a quick look at the cover page.) It possible we should try to count how often this page is used and then decide whether or not to remove it.
    • Review Items: these were not discussed by they are not due until later (~ 1 Feb 2014).

  • Available Software Effort. RichAn noted that due to the shutdown and vacation time during the holidays we only have 350 hr total for 14B (for items due at the CfP or 3 January 2014). Within the next week we need to finalize the work to be done in November.

-- DanaBalser - 2013-10-23

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