Meeting Minutes (11 September 2014)

Attending: DanaBalser, ToneyMInter, DavidFrayer, BarryClark, RickLively, JenPlank, MarkClaussen, RickAn, ClaireChandler, LorantSjouwerman

  • 15B Plan of Record Discussion.
    • Links:
    • Telescope Resources:
      • VLA - no new requirements but some bug fixes (TBD in 1-2 days).
      • GBT - Reviewed four items (add all to JIRA). Need to add Zpectrometer to trap at validation.
      • VLBA - no new requirements; one bug fix (add to JIRA).
    • Technical Justification: A few small clarification changes for VLA/VLBA; (TBD in 1-2 days).
    • Misc.:
      • Add cue to triggered proposals. Should easy. (add to JIRA).
    • Topics for Discussion:
      • Abstract Count: bug fix (add to JIRA).
      • Overhaul Permission Systems: some effort and related to account system; ait unit V3.0. (add to JIRA).
      • Improve Technical Review Import/Export File: ok (add to JIRA).
      • Sponsored Proposal and Science Category: tricky; wait until V3.0 (add to JIRA).
      • Proposal Changes during Review: difficult; long term (add to JIRA).
      • Proposal Submission Constraints: must allow DDT and Sponsored proposals to be submitted. We need to allow a CfP date in the review cycles; long term (add to JIRA).
      • Update PST Manual: big effort for scientific staff; less for SSA group; SUS group will start working on it now (add to JIRA).
      • Remove Legacy ID: by remove we mean to not show it on the cover page for everything except VLBA, GMVA, and VLBI (add to JIRA).
      • Automate min/max LST Calculation: GB PHT does this now so they will distribute code to SSA for review; VLBA is a little different (add to JIRA).
      • Technical Justification vs Session Constraints: change title from "Constraints" to "Scheduling Constraints" (add to JIRA).
      • Re-submit Feature: long term (add to JIRA).
      • Import/Export Resources: long term (add to JIRA).
      • External Proposal Import: long term (add to JIRA).

-- DanaBalser - 2014-09-10
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