Meeting Minutes (01 November 2012)

Attending: DanaBalser, TimBastian, JessicaUtley, ToneyMinter, JoanWrobel, MarkClaussen, RickLively, DavidHarland, GarethHunt, ClaireChandler

We discussed the Plan of Record for 13B proposals (1 Feb 2013 deadline):

Main topics of discussion:

  • Requirements TBD:
    1. VLBA Resource Changes. MarkClaussen will work on this asap.
    2. VLA Resoruces:
      • Sub-arrays. These were included in GOST and the PST Session Page last cycle. It was not clear if they needed to be in both places or how they should be used together. MarkClaussen will investigate.
      • Phased array. This was not included last time. MarkClaussen will check if the phased array will be offered for 13B and if so how they should be specified in the PST.
  • VLA Resources: The goal was to incorporate the various external tools used for VLA resources into the PST. There was much discussion about how to move forward based on the draft requirements from MarkClaussen. We tentatively decided that we would modify the PST to accommodate continuum configurations for General Observing, and that the SRCT would be used for spectral line observing for General Observing and all Shared Risk Observing. One advantage of using the SRCT is that that the user does not have to generate the resource configuration for the OPT. The disadvantage is that the SRCT has a steeper learning curve and it will not distinguish between General Observing and Shared Risk Observing. There was concern that documentation would not be sufficient. DavidHarland may be able to develop a way for the PST to check this externally. MarkClaussen will iterate with folks to refine these requirements.
  • GBT Resource Validation: There was some confusion about whether these requirements demanded changes in the UI. Changes in the UI are not required but are okay if this helps to facilitate the correct validation. The only requirement is to make sure the PST resource configuration validation is identical to the Sensitivity Calculator. It was agreed that RickLively would work on the VLA resources first and then tackle the GBT validation.
  • Student Observing Support: This was briefly discussed. It was decided that the functionality for submitting SOS proposals would be moved from the PST to an external tool (SOSST/SOSQT). It was agreed that we would go with Plan B (minimum requirements) and that the full requirements (Plan A) would be put off until next cycle. It was agreed that implementing Plan B would not be too much work. There was some concern about the responsibility and maintenance of the SOSST/SOSQT and this needs discussion at a future time.
  • Remaining Items: It was agreed that the remaining items on the plan of record were minor and should not significantly impact the schedule.
  • JIRA: DanaBalser will add the various items into JIRA.
  • Schedule: It was agreed that 18 Dec 2012 is a reasonable date for the PST test release, but the goal would be to release and test items as they are completed since some of these items (VLA Resources/GBT Resource Validation) will take significant effort to test. The Call for Proposals/PST release date has not be finalized but 4 January 2013 or 11 January 2013 were suggested. Some thought 11 January 2013 was too late.

-- DanaBalser - 2012-11-01

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