GBT PST Requirements for the TAC and the DSS

Based on conversations with KarenONeil and ToneyMinter on 16 March 2011.

PST -> Proposal Submission Tool
TAC -> Telescope Allocation Committee
DSS -> Dynamic Scheduling System

Currently, data from the PST is used as input to CarlBignell's tool and to the DSS. The plan is to replace some of the functionality of CarlBignell's tool with the PST (e.g., proposal reviews) and the remaining functionality with another tool (e.g, source conflicts). Also planned is a Session Creation Tool that will create sessions for the DSS.

It was felt that telescope specific information should be outside the PST if possible. For example: sessions, source conflicts, TAC comments, etc. We should also be careful about porting data back into the PST. A better approach is to create the necessary tool(s) to use the current databases (e.g., PST, DSS, OPT, etc.) to produce the desired result. For example, as is done with Metrics.

Requirements for the TAC

For each source the following information is required: name, (RA,Dec) coordinates, rest frequency, velocity range, overhead time. The overhead time can be defined per source or it can be distributed evenly between all sources.

Requirements for the Technical Reviews

A separate section is required such that the reviewer can easily find the technical information. Information from the sensitivity calculator can cut and pasted into this section of the PST.

Requirements for the DSS

Nothing new from the PST is required.

-- DanaBalser - 2011-03-18
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