Feedback from Ed Fomalont

I've done a quick try on the proposal tool. Immediately, the look and feel is much better than the previous version. Some comments:

-I tried to login, but I was not to be found (as you suggested). I asked for an email response. Even in this case, an email return that I do not exist would have been useful.

-I logged in very easily.

-It took me a second to see the Edit button on the upper right. I highlighted the title (for example) and hit the delete button on my computer, but I got tossed to a new options. Then, I saw the edit and filled out the proposal page. Maybe, I'm just dumb.

-I added a new author easily.

-When I got to the science justification page, I had forgotten what kind of file is acceptable. Perhaps, after justification there is some indication that it must be tex, pdf or whatever. This gets to the question of where is more detailed information (pop-ups, whatever).

-When I hit 'sign out', I am pleased to see that when I log in, everything that was present is still there, even though it was not implicitly saved. This suggests that saves are done automatically.

-I read in a four page pdf file. They were displayed, but too small to read. Could each page be magnified so that they can be read and checked with printing them.?

-The print (or display) complete proposal is not yet implemented.

-Source page: It wasn't clear how to edit a source already added. However, the blue font for the source name led me to that, and the pop-up window.

-Sessions: The repeat column is ambiguous. Is one observations, the normal mode, repeat = 0 or repeat = 1. I don't want to fill out min elevation, but I must. But, on the whole sessions and adding sourcess and resources works pretty well.

-I wanted to write another proposal, starting with a copy of the first proposal that I 'submitted'. I didn't know how to do this.

-I want to get rid of a proposal completely, so that it doesn't appear in the list. How do you do this?

-- DanaBalser - 02 Nov 2007

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