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1. Overview

- Is there a way to delete a proposal?

2. Cover Sheet

- Much better.

3. Authors

- I was not able to add an author when they were not in the database and I did not input a graduation date since they were not a student. I got the following message:

java.lang.RuntimeException: org.hibernate.exception.ConstraintViolationException: could not insert: [data.User]

- When I click on an existing author I get a button that says delete. It might be good to add a button to cancel. I know it is easy to just hit the back button but we have cancel buttons thoughout.

4. Scientific Justification

- The file preview works if the file is a pdf but not, for example, a postscript file. This is fine but if we only accept pdf files maybe we should say this somewhere on this page (even if it is noted in the documentation). The old pst says to import pdf or txt.

5. Sources

- Importing sources seems to work okay. The following example is provided:

Goober 03, 02:13:07.1, 01:14:01, J2000, , 2.1, MyGroup

Since the import is now tied directly to the source group I don't think you need the group name.

- Using NED/SIMBAD to import sources. I was not able to get this to work. For example, the source NGC3242 was not found yet when I go to NED directly I am able to find this source.

Also, there is the following typo in the comment:

"It is possible the search make take a while if a service is down."

"It is possible the search may take a while if a service is down."

6. Resources

- The PST does allow the user to select modes that are not allowed. For example, I was able to choose 9-level sampling with an 800 MHz bandwidth for the GBT spectrometer. Maybe we should have Toney Minter look for these for the GBT since he wrote the guide with all of these details. I think the VLA is more straight forward with many fewer backends and modes.

- I was unable to delete a resource and got the following error with a sensible message. This resource was being used by one of my sessions. If I removed the resource from the session I was able to delete it.

org.hibernate.exception.ConstraintViolationException: Resources used by other records cannot be updated or deleted.

7. Student Support

- This looks good but we should have a link to the page. I think this page is the following but we should make check with Carl B.:


-- DanaBalser - 02 Nov 2007
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