Feedback from Claire Chandler

Thanks for helping me with the login. There's just one serious (but straightforward) bug (#4) I noticed that will need to be fixed before the release and I've submitted that via the bug tracker as well. Please could you check this one gets fixed in time? Here are some comments so far:

1) I had a "test" proposal from when I was testing the PST from last year and although it is listed as "draft" and was never submitted, it has a "legacy ID". Is this right? Does every single proposal created get an ID whether or not it is submitted? In my ignorance I assumed such numbers were only assigned on submission.

2) Users of the VLA won't understand what "trimester A/B/C" means on the selection menu on the left, since we don't generally use that terminology. But I guess they'll learn.

3) When get my menu appearing on the left hand side listing my proposals I was expecting to be able to click on the folder icon to see sub-directories, as under Windows.

4) Under "resources" I noticed that the tuning range for VLA C-band is for the old C-band receiver, not the new one. This needs to be changed to 4200-7700 MHz, as it is in the current PST. * This one is serious. *

5) It seems to allow you to save "0" under the figure of merit. Can there be some checking to make sure this is a sensible (>0) number?

6) The PST allows you to select a rest frequency (combined with LSR velocity or redshift) that is inconsistent with the receiver band selected. At some point, if the EVLA (or ALMA) is going to try to validate and make up observing scripts based on information submitted via the PST then some sort of cross-checking will be needed here.

7) I went to "administration" to try to change my password but could not figure out how to do it at first. It was not at all obvious that I had to select the highlighted link to be able to edit all the fields under a particular item. Maybe instead and and "Edit" button next to the "Add" button on this page to make it more obvious?

That's it for now. I like the new look a lot.

-- DanaBalser - 02 Nov 2007

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