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Main Problem Areas



1. I’m trying to log on to the PST. I requested a new password and logged on, and get a screen requiring me to change my password. Every attempt to do this however brings me back to the same screen requiring me to change my password. How should I proceed?
I was using firefox 3.0.10 and when I completed the fields with my details and new password and attempted to proceed to login, the fields were blanked out and I was stuck on the same page. This was my experience yesterday and again this morning. Today I also tried Internet Explorer (version 6.0....) and it worked as expected. If this page does have some reliance on the browser being used, perhaps that could be advertised.

2. Could anyone help me at this point? After I put in my username and passwd, it always reurns into original status (not go further)? my username is wtian. By the way, is the next deadline is June 1 2009?

3. I was trying to set my affiliation at https://my.nrao.edu/, but I could not find a way of doing it. Would you be so kind to set my affiliation: username: lpetrov; Affiliation: ADNET SYSTEMS Inc/NASA GSFC.

4. I am currently unable to log into the proposal submission tool. My old password was not accepted, so I requested a new one by e-mail. After logging in with this, I was immediately asked to update my password, but each time I try this, I get sent back to the same screen. I have tried different variations of my username to no avail.

5. For some reasons, I can not log into my account at the NRAO submission tool. I requested a new pas word, but I never received a confirmation. Could you please fix this problem? My NRAO username is: NiktaAmiri



1. I am trying to submit VLBA/2009-04-138 and it didn't like one of the authors (Ye Xu), possibly because the institutional affiliation was not entered. So, I tried to make a new entry, that had the correct affiliation, but it bombs.

2. I am trying to submit a proposal - and one of my co-authors (Gerald Schieven) is not currently registered. His institution is Institute of Astrophysics, National Research Council Canada SInce I can't add his correct institution, I can't finish the proposal submission process! Any ideas?

Scientific Justification


1. I am trying to add sources into the proposal tool. I am having no trouble searching for my object using the NED/SIMBAD search button but when I try and actually add the source I get the following error. Can you please advise me on how to properly add a source once found on NED? "The following required field(s) are empty: Source Name."

2. I am trying to add a target source to my online proposal. After creating a group, I am using the NED/SIMBAD search tool where I enter the name of my source. The query finds the source fine, and lists the RA, Dec, z and alternate names of the source. Unfortunately I am not being allowed to add the source because the NAME field is not being populated with the result (just the alternate names). I have tried this with a couple of different sources and have gotten the same result.

3. I am preparing a proposal (VLA/2009-04-154). Under 'sources', I have created a source group named 'polar rings'. I click 'search NED/SIMBAD'. It asks me for my target name. I enter: NGC2655, followed by 'search'. It finds the source, and displays coordinates and other data. Then I click on the blue 'Add', immediately to the right of the displayed source information. It does not appear to add the source, instead I get the manual input screen. How do I add a source found by NED/SIMBAD?

4. I just had a query from a proposer about getting the source name, position, etc. into the source list once one has queried simbad and it has actually come back with a source. I didn't know how to do this; is it in the help and should we have read it? If I search on NGC 7027, for example, and it returns information about that source. Then on the right of that information there is add and cancel. Add doesn't put the information into a source name/info.

5. Just FYI, when I look at the printed version of my proposal I notice that not all my sources of my source group are paired with my resource - maybe because I have 22 sources and there is a maximum or so (21 show up). Also, why is the source/resource list of sources not ordered as in the source list? I thought that is why one has the source up/down options there. Anyway not important for submitting my proposal, I just thought this time I'd actually let you know what I find.

Student Support

1. I am a PhD student at Leiden Observatory, The Netherlands. I plan to submit 2 proposals to NRAO facilities (VLBA & GBT). Could you please let me know if I am eligible to submit a dissertation plan?

2. I am preparing for the VLBA proposal due June 1. I am a third year graduate student and this project is part of my thesis. I want to upload a thesis plan and apply for the student support. However, I can not find the requirement for the thesis plan on the website. Could you please tell me the basic requirements about the content, and if there are some requirements for the length and the format (e.g. text or pdf)? Thanks

3. I could not get the web input to work so here is a request for student support via email.

Proposal Processing

1. My name is Robert Ferdman, and I am planning on submitting a proposal today for the June 1 deadline. This is basically a re-write of a proposal I submitted this past February, so in order to minimize the amount of work and time on inputting information into the system, I have tried to copy this proposal, project ID GBT/09B-033 ("Timing of Intriguing Pulsars: System Evolution and Tests of General Relativity"), as I have done in the past. However, when I try to do so, it does not appear to work, giving me the error "java.lang.NullPointerException". I would prefer to be able to do this, so that I can focus instead on editing my proposal as best I can before submitting it. If you can help me with this, I would most definitely appreciate it. In any case, please let me know if this will be possible, and if there is something I can do to help further.

2. Hi, this one is kind of strange, but after I withdrew a GBT proposal (GBT/2009-05-026) in order to make some minor corrections to the abstract, the PST no longer allows me to edit the cover page, ie there is no "Edit" tab appearing beside the "Help" tab in the upper left-hand corner.

3. I am in the process of preparing a joint GBT - VLBA proposal. The VLBA draft entry just disappeared from the PST (without my having done anything.

4. Something happened a few minutes ago that I can't explain: I was trying to upload a science justification for my proposal when I discovered that it had somehow already been submitted! As a result, the science justification that you now have is wrong -- it belongs to an older proposal (GBT09A-098) that I had "copied" on the proposal preparation website. The correct, intended science justification is attached. It is now 20 minutes past the deadline. I apologize for doing this at the last minute, but would it be at all possible to replace the justification PDF file that somehow got submitted through the online system with the one attached here? Please let me know if you have any questions. I don't understand what went wrong...


Server (my.nrao.edu)

1. Please find attached a pdf file with our proposal. The PST website is down.

2. I have been kicked off from the submission tool. and now I got to enter again I might be late to submit. I retry!

3. I am trying to submit my proposal-it has an internal server error which apparently deleted the GBT/2009-05-012 version that I wanted to submit. The version that is left (05-024) is not complete. I can redo stuff but---I will miss the deadline. Do you have a validated proposal that is in the proposal queue? I don't want to confuse the queue more than I already have. Sorry to cause so much problems!

4. During your proposal editing the system flagged your uploads on the Justification Page for your session. Apparently there were too many attempts. We were just wondering if you noticed a problem or having difficulties.

5. I’ve tried repeatedly to submit a VLBA proposal today, but it keeps failing, and it’s past 5 PM Eastern Time. So I’m worried. I just talked to Lori in Socorro, and she said the only thing she could recommend was to send this e-mail.

6. [From AOC] We had some difficulties there right before the deadline and people have sent numerous inquiries so please don't roll it over until we know we have them all in, thanks

7. FYI, we has some connection problems in Charlottesville a few minutes ago (at least two of us). I'm not sure this was one our end or yours but I just wanted to let you know. Thanks,

-- DanaBalser - 2009-06-08

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