(PST V2.0) Help Desk Comments - February 2009

Main Problem Areas

  • AOC Problem with network - several people from Socorro reported that my.nrao.edu was down the Saturday before the proposal deadline. Ashish and Nicole verified that the system was working from both Charlottesville and Texas; Maura M verified that it was working from Morgantown; NM computing checked and could not find any issues. Network problems?
  • "Busy Signal" when trying to add an author



1. I used the 'Forgot password' feature at my.nrao.edu and received an email with a 30 character password. I tried it out and am getting the message "The credentials you provided cannot be determined to be authentic". Tried Firefox, IE, clearing cache, etc. 30 chars is also a bit much if it weren't for cut & paste.

2. I forgot my login and password for NRAO proposals webpage. Unfortunately, my e-mail has also changed from oyk100@psu.edu to oyk100@astro.ufl.edu and I do not have access to my old e-mail anymore to retrieve the temporary password. Could you please tell me how can I login into my account?

3. Your proposal system asks me to change my password. I type a new password, confirm the new password, and I am immediately redirected to the login screen with no further information. I login with the same new password, and login is denied. I have gone through this twice now. Please advise.

4. I've somehow setup two users and people who try to add me to their proposals sometimes add the wrong user. Can you remove the user "DougRoberts" since I am now using the username "droberts".


1. I am attempting to submit a large proposal, which is also a joint proposal between the HSA and the VLA. Joint proposal instructions say to submit the same scientific and technical justifications to both telescopes. The HSA section requires >=200h, but part of the program is a preliminary VLA survey to measure the integrated flux densities of the sample. Since I do not need >200h of VLA time, when I tried to submit the VLA part, it would not validate the proposal because it did not ask for enough time. And I can't submit it as a regular VLA proposal because the justification is 10 pages rather than 4.


1. I am having troubles adding a student (undergraduate) to my VLA proposal VLA/2009-00-112 Her name is Maria Drout University of Iowa She's an undergraduate, so I'd prefer if she not appear as a graduate student with a PhD date, but I'm still having trouble adding her even when I select "No" for her being a student.

2. I have been trying to search for an author to add to a proposal. However, the search never returns - I just get the four buttons which change color - and the PST times out before anything is returned. I am using Firefox3 on a RHEL 5 machine.

3. I'm hoping someone can help me. I am preparing a proposal to be submitted on Monday, and am trying to add one of my co-authors to the proposal. His affiliation is with the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. However, I have now tried three times to add him, and each time I get an error message ("An error occurred while performing the operation. The support team has been informed about your error."), and get taken back to the Dashboard. Is it possible that there is a bug in the system? I noticed that when selecting the Institute as the CfA, no Department comes up automatically (which it did for some of the other co-authors I added). Could you please have a look into this bug and fix it so I can add my co-author to the proposal? If you need any more diagnostics about what is going wrong, please let me know.

4. Hello, I am trying to delete an author from the authors list. However, I'm unable to do this. The help file says that there should be a 'delete' option but there is only a 'cancel' option which just brings you back to the author list again. Could you advise?

Scientific Justification


1. I am trying to add the source LDN 1024 to my list of sources. I did a NED/Simbad search which returns a result. However, the search returns only RA, DEC and velocity and an alternative name. This means that I can't use the add button to enter the returned results into the source list and you are not given the opportunity to enter the name.

2. I hit the delete button to delete a source and the PST became "hung" showing the four squares whose colors change. I was never returned to the sources page and the PST timed out. I was using firefox3 under RHEL5.

3. Also, we have many sources spread over a variety of RAs. How serious is it to leave them all in one 'session' (the same configuration is used)? i.e. can I simply state in the comments, that the schedulers can choose the best way to distribute the observations?

Student Support

Proposal Processing

1. 1. The telephone number that is printed on the cover sheet is my fax number, not my phone number. I've double checked that my "profile" has these numbers correct. 2. The old NRAO logo is being used, not the new one.

2. I just submitted proposal GBT/09B-009. I tried to use the print preview button and wound up with a bunch of errors. I wanted to send a copy of the final proposal to my Co-PIs.

3. When I hit "validate" on proposal VLBA/09B-122 it tells me:
Warning: Resource 'X band' not being used
Warning: Please remove unused Resources
I look and the only resource I have is "X-band" and it is assigned to a session. When I submitted the proposal (with no changes) it validated it with no warnings. So there seems to be a problem with "validate, no submission".


1. 1. In the past two hours or so, I have been unable to access the online PST. It seems that the domain "my.nrao.edu" is down or having problems? I have tried accessing it using at least three different computers at the AOC, and non were able to connect to it. The last time I was able to use it without any problems was yesterday.

2. As you probably know, the site my.nrao.edu has been down all evening. I can occasionally get the login page, but that's it.

3. The my.nrao.edu dashboard says the next proposal deadline is June 2. That is wrong, as it is June 1.

-- DanaBalser - 2009-02-05
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